Pupil Voice

Geography Subject Council
Our Geography Subject Council, established in the 2020 /  2021 academic year, meets every half term to talk about Geography at Blakehill Primary School and what we can do to make it even better. Each class in KS2 chose a Geography Subject Councillor who represents their class in meetings with Mrs Johnston and Mrs Roberts. As subject leaders, we take our children's view points and opinions very seriously - they are central to what we do. We always take account of what the children are passionate about and implement changes in the geography curriculum to fit. These meetings take place regularly so that we can always gauge pupil responses. 
We regularly carry out pupil surveys and these show that our children: 
  • Have a strong awareness that geography is learning about the world and people in it. 
  • Are enthusiastic about the topics they explore.
  • Are confident that geography uses hands on skills as well as learning facts. 
  • Have the opportunity to use maps and resources as well as carry out fieldwork. 
  • Enjoy their learning. 
"We find places on an atlas and a map" Daisy, Year 4

“We have looked at a globe. We have a book in our classroom all about the world” Miley, Year 1


“We learnt about human and physical features. A human feature is something made by man like houses, statues, mills and a physical feature is something that hasn’t been made by men or ladies like grass, trees, bushes, leaves, twigs” Hannah, Year 2


“Things are different now because there’s electric, things look different, people have bigger houses, more money, people go on holidays and the shops are different” Rayyan, Year 1


“Geography is about all around the world. What’s happened or what’s going on” Isobel, Year 6