Staff Induction

Staff/Volunteer Induction 

Providing effective induction at Blakehill is necessary to make sure that new members of staff settle in quickly, understand the job and what is expected of them.

We believe that effective induction can lay important foundations for a productive relationship and is critical to retention and high standards of performance.

All new staff including volunteers, supply staff, students and contractors should be inducted to the school and their role. The induction should be tailored to the individual and their role but should always include their responsibilities for safeguarding and protecting children, and the standards of conduct and behaviour expected of them.

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) will be on the formal NQT Induction Year but should also be given a wider induction to the whole school ( see NQT Induction).

The induction programme is a first important stage in the employee’s personal development plan.

Developing an induction programme

An induction programme should be planned in advance and include:

  • A tour of the school and an introduction to the school facilities
  • Introduction to colleagues
  • Health and safety protocols and requirements
  • Employee self-service or other pay information
  • An awareness and familiarity of :
  • The school’s Code of C