School Council

Blakehill School Council

The purpose of the School Council is to represent the views and opinions of pupils and to be a forum for active and constructive pupil input into the daily life of the school. Each class in year groups 1 – 6 has an elected representative. Class elections take place in September each year.

 The School Council benefits the whole school as it gives opportunities for pupils to communicate feelings and opinions to teachers and support staff as well as influencing decisions that are made. 


How does the School Council work?

The School Council representatives meet at least once each month during the school year. Meetings are usually on a Tuesday morning and last about half an hour. They are given the opportunity to discuss any issues raised by their peers or by a member of staff and later that day, time to feedback to their class. Occasionally, visitors from outside school will attend meetings to promote an activity or to ask for support or opinions. The meetings are led by the Chair and minutes are taken by the Secretary of the School Council. Mrs Gould also attends meetings.


What is the role of a School Councillor?

Pupils who are elected have been given a very important job to do in the school. Pupils are expected to:

  • attend all meetings 
  • talk to the classes they represent, feedback information and share ideas and opinions with the School Council
  • have ideas to share with the Council
  • bring their class suggestion box to meetings
  • speak with confidence
  • speak in assembly
  • consider and respect the views of others
  • be identifiable by wearing the school council badge
School Council 2023/ 24
After the class elections, we have now got a new school council. Councillor Ian Parsons attended our first meeting to discuss the role of councillors.
This morning the school council met and it was agreed that Manraj would become the chair person for the council. The children discussed roles and responsibilities that they would like children to have in school such as:
litter pickers
playtime monitors
eco monitors
lunch time buddies

The council will work with Lumb to get some some of these roles up and running.
After the first week of collecting suggestions from their classes, at todays meeting the children spoke about having more plants in their classrooms. 
The children also wanted:
drama classes
playground equipment
litter pickers to keep school tidy
The school council met today and had several visitors.
We met Mr Lumb to discuss a range of after school clubs that the children would like to introduce such as drama club, art club and cooking club. Mr Lumb is looking into getting these clubs up and running.
We also met with Miss Gardner to discuss the new rewards for reading at home. The class with the highest home readers each week will receive a £5 voucher to spend on a book of their choice.
Mel - our site manager - also met with us to discuss some improvements that the children would like in the ks2 toilets. Mel is going make these improvements.  
The school council also planned the Children In Need day on 17th November.
Our school council visited City Hall to find out about the history and role of the Bradford council. The children developed their understanding of democracy.
Cllr Ian Parsons and Cllr Sabiya Khan  joined us on the visit and showed us their seats in the Council Chamber.
School Council 2022/ 23
After the class elections, we have now got a new school council. Both the old and new council members met today to hand over. The new council are going to continue the campaign for a safer road outside school but also want to reintroduce a tuck shop for snacks. 
As well as the school council, James is going to chair an new eco council. 
Information from the School Council 
Parents using Mobile Phones. 
The school council discussed parents using mobile phones at the beginning and end of the school day as they pick children up and drop them off at school. The children in council felt that parents should be banned from using mobile until they have spoken to the children about their day. 
The school council made posters to display at the school gate. 
Wear Orange to School
The school council looked at some local charities and decided that they would like to support the Azaylia Foundation Charity. The Azaylia Foundation was created to fight childhood cancer. They are committed to advancing early diagnosis and new treatment availability in the UK.
The school council asked children to orange to school and make a donation to the charity. 
The school council are delighted with the new signs which were paid for by the money raised from Break The Rules Day.
These will be displayed on the school fence to encourage parents and carers to park safely.
Our school council met with Cllr Sunderland and members of Bradford council and to discuss the issue of speeding outside school.
Cllr Sunderland and the council are going to make the speed limit 20mph and have approved funding for speed cushions to be placed at either side of the school.
Our school council are continue their campaign to keep the area around school safe for children at the beginning and end of the day. Our children have asked parents to park their responsibly when dropping children off.
All children will be bringing home a leaflet about parking safely.
We put our new banners up outside school to remind parents not to park on zigzag lines.
Growing Plants
The eco council and school council have worked together today as both council want to see more plants both inside and outdoors in the school grounds. Today the two councils decorated plant pots which were kindly donated by Homebase and next week Homebase staff are going to work with the councils to plant bulbs.