Effect of Funding on PE Participation

Statement of Impact

Physical education contributes directly to development of physical competence and fitness at Blakehill Primary School. It also helps pupils to make informed choices and understand the value of leading a physically active lifestyle. The high quality physical education we offer has a positive impact on both academic learning and physical activity patterns of our pupils. We believe that a healthy, physically active pupil is more likely to be academically motivated, alert and successful in life skills. Through the government Primary Sports premium, we are able to provide the following for our children:


Wider sporting opportunities for all children, including, tri-golf, ultimate Frisbee, cross country, tag rugby and multi-skills activities and many more. 


Specialised curriculum teaching in every year group.


Additional after school sports for a variety of year groups.


Every year group has the chance to participate in a sporting festival against other schools and receives additional specialist teaching in preparation for the festivals.


Additional equipment purchased enables more focused skill development. A whole class set of equipment ensures maximum participation.


Through membership to the East 1 Partnership (15 primaries and 2 upper schools) and The School Games program at Hanson, Pupils at Blakehill have access to much broader opportunity for competition.


Impact of Funding 2022-23

As a result of increased knowledge, skills and understanding in PE at Blakehill 89% of pupils were physically literate at the end of Key Stage 1 and 92% of pupils left Key stage 2 working at or above the expected standard for PE. In addition to this, in 2022-2023 we have been able to use the PE Sports Premium to achieve the following: 


Significant Improvements to lunchtime provision: to maximise the opportunities for pupils to be physically active and expose more pupils to competitive sports we have adapted our lunchtime provision offering. Through the use of our PE lead, Sports and Personal Development Officer and Sports Coach we have offered a number sporting activities at lunchtimes for all pupils in Key Stage 2 to access. These have included: tag rugby, cricket, Dutch long ball, rounders, tennis, handball, netball and archery. 

Teaching assistants support lunchtime supervisors in promoting play and positive interaction. Thraining continues to be provided via our sporst and personal develppment coach. Pupil voice influences provision at lunchtime and resources have been purchased and are rotated throughout the year at the resuest and interst of our children.  


- Re-establishing Competitive Sporting events: The full sporting calendar with Sports UK has been able to be re-established. Pupils across Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 have received specialist coaching and groups of pupils represented Blakehill at the following events: 



Year 1  Multi-skills
Year 2 Multi - Sports 
Year 3 Tri-Golf
Year 4 Cricket
Year 5 Netball
Year 6 Extreme Frisbee


In addition to the year group festivals, funding has been able to be used to allow pupils to enter additional festivals organised by Sports UK. These festivals are used by schools to showcase talent in Key Stage 2. We attended the three additional festivals on offer with the following success: 


Festival  Year Group  Position 
Tag Rugby  Year 3 & 4 Overall winners
Tag Rugby  Year 5 & 6 Second place
Football  Year 3 & 4 Overall winners
Football  Year 5 & 6 Overall winners
Rounders Year 5 & 6 Third place
- Additional support provided for pupils in Swimming: Our dedicated Sports UK Coach has been providing additional support and tuition for pupils in  Year 4 during their weekly swimming lessons. By using our coach, we have been able to allow pupils who lack confidence in the water the opportunity to be supported by a familiar adult and have a bespoke program. This has supported our pupils in making progress that would have otherwise taken much longer. 
- Raising the profile in the Local Area Partnership: it has always been our vision for Blakehill to be a "hub" for sport in the local area. This year we have been able to make the initial strides towards this by organising a number of fixtures with schools in the local area and hosting these. This year we have arranged additional fixtures with Thackley Primary School, Idle CofE Primary School and Thorpe Primary School for Netball and Football. These fixtures have allowed an increased amount of pupils the opportunity to play inter-school competitive sports, raising self confidence, communication and a sense of "together we can" in our pupils. 
We have also:
  •  offered a wider and richer range of after school clubs which were accessible for all. The majority of our afterschool clubs are run at maximum capacity. Teaching assistants support our specialist coaches.

739 children from September to July attended after school clubs. A huge uptake on clubs from previous years, a number of children attended more than one club throughout the school year.

  • Held in house competition such as the cross-country events, girls & boys football matches, basketball matches and dance and cheerleading performances.
  • All competitions are celebrated in school. There was also an increase in the number of children bringing sporting certificates, medals and trophies into school on a Monday morning which are shared during celebration assembly.
  • As a school we have been successful in a range of competitions where we have represented Bradford. We won a wide range of competitions such as Year 3 Golf, Year 4 Cricket, Year 5 Netball, Olympics Athletics competition, U11 Bradford Schools Football, KS1 & KS2 Tag Rugby, KS2 Rounders. We also attended other unique competitions such as Climbing, Badminton, SEND Panathlon, more able, Girls Football and Girls Cricket competitions.
- Assessment and evaluation of PE lessons improved: by supplying our Sports UK Coach with technology and additional time to assess and evaluate practice, we have been able to improve the quality of the provision in PE for our pupils. Our sports Coach records lessons through video footage and photographs in order to allow: pupils to evaluate their own and others performance; a big outcome to be recorded and assessed by the coach; a progression of skills to be highlighted and shared with pupils and leaders and modelling for lessons later in the sequence of learning.