Pupil Voice

The child who are part of our drumming intervention are always keen to tell us how it makes them feel.
We now have our newly set up Music and Arts School Council which shapes and influences our school music curriculum.
Teachers talked to the children and they filled in questionnaires. This is what you said.
  • Music makes me feel happy, peaceful, relaxed and excited.
  • I like playing musical instruments, singing, learning  about musicians and listening to music.
  • I miss singing together in assemblies and Mr Froud coming in to sing with us.
  • When I sing I feel famous like I'm on stage. I feel happy because it's fun.
  • I like doing the pat a cake song- Millie
  • I like moving to the songs
  • I like dancing to the music- Isaac
  • Songs make me happy- Maxx
  • I feel happy because it makes me move- Beau
  • I like playing songs on the Ukeule
This is what you would like to do more of 
  • I would like to learn how to play different instruments like the violin and piano.
  • Drums, singing, rasta music, piano, guitar and rock music
  • I'd like to play the drums.
  • I'd like the choir to start again!
The teachers have listened to you! Our Young Voices choir is now established again. There are opportunities for group singing after school. We have had Rocksteady concerts for parents and children, and our drumming sessions are continuing.