Pupil Voice

Writing Subject Council

Our Writing Subject Council, established in the 2020/2021 academic year, meets every half term to talk about Writing at Blakehill and what we can do to make it even better. Each class in school chooses a Writing Subject Councillor who represents their class in meetings with Mrs Hall.  As a school, we take our children's view points and opinions very seriously - they are central to what we do. We always listen to our pupils and, where possible, adapt our approaches to suit their needs.

Here is what Writing Subject Councillors thought during Autumn 2 (2020):

Y2: "The stories help me to get ideas for what to write about.”

Y2: "If I need help I can use the Working Wall. It has lots of ideas on it.”

Y3: "I love non-fiction writing because I like finding out facts and writing about them.”

Y3: "I learn most when my teacher models the writing. I know what I have to do then.”

Y4: “I’m proud of my writing and I like to read it out to the rest of the class.”

Y5: "I love writing at home. I write stories and I’m even writing a comic at the moment.”

Y5: "My favourite genre is fiction because I love using my imagination to write stories.”

Y6: “I’m really confident at editing my work. I use the Tom Palmer method. You write a paragraph then you add something, like a description, take something away, replace something, like a more powerful word and then read the paragraph again.”