Pupil Voice

We asked the children their feelings about art at Blakehill. They were really excited to share their thoughts. We are going to use this information to help us to plan the teaching of art at Blakehill. We value the children's thoughts and are now in the process of forming an 'Arts Student Council'. An ambassador to represent the arts will be chosen for each class to provide regular feedback to the subject leaders of art and music. 
in addition to this we will spend time talking to children regularly to gather their thoughts and feelings towards the arts. This will help to inform any future planning and help us to develop the arts at Blakehill. 
How do you feel when you learn about art in school?
'bright'  ' creative'  'calm'  'happy'  'joyful'  'free'  'excited'  
What do you enjoy doing in art best?
drawing people
making things
Adding details
making patterns
Using pastels and making things beautiful
Learning about shading
Do you know any famous artists?
'Tim who came into our school' (Tim Curtis)
'David Hockney'
'Tim Curtis and Mondrian' 
'Leonardo da Vinci'
'Michael Angelo' 
What would you like to learn about next in your art lessons? 
'how to draw people, hands, eyes'
'all about the history, the history of art'
'I'd like to draw flowers more'
'do more designs'
'learn more about Mondrian'
'I love drawing faces, I want to learn how to do that more'
'Can we learn with Tim again? I like making sculpture'
'draw more things, animals and people' 
'i like to do big pictures all together'