Pupil Voice

Maths Subject Council
Our Maths Subject Council, established in the 2020 /  2021 academic year, meets every half term to talk about Maths at Blakehill Primary School and what we can do to make it even better. Each class in school chooses a Maths Subject Councillor who represents their class in meetings with Mr. Sidebottom and Mrs. Wardell. As subject leaders, we take our children's view points and opinions very seriously - they are central to what we do. We always listen to our pupils and, where possible, adapt our approaches to suit their needs. These meetings take place regularly so that we can always gauging pupil responses. 
Here is what our Key Stage 2 Maths Subject Councillors had to say when Mr. Sidebottom and Mrs. Wardell spoke to them about Maths at Blakehill Primary School during the Autumn term:
Y3: "We used our maths skills in our art lesson. We had to measure exact measurements - it was really fun!"
Y3: "Problem solving is where we have to use our brain to solve really hard questions - I like these!"
Y4: "If I was stuck, I would get my jotter out and try different things. I would then ask my partner or put my hand up and ask for help. I would move on to the next question and come back to it if I had time."
Y4: "I like learning about numbers. I’ve liked numbers since nursery. My dad is an engineer and he knows a lot about angles and so do I. I like adding and subtracting and I like challenges. Sometimes when I finish the first sheet, I want to get onto the reasoning and if I finish that I get to move onto the challenge. These are harder."
Y5: "I like problem solving. Problem solving is fun. It feels like you are working out a mystery."
Y6: "Maths is fun and it's really useful. You need to use your maths skills when you become an adult."