‘Good teaching over time has resulted in pupils of all groups making good progress in mathematics’ (OFSTED, 2015)

The teaching of Maths at Blakehill Primary School is based on the three key aims of the new National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. The School follows the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of work which is supported by our teaching of mental maths skills through Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs), Big Maths and formal written methods through our new updated calculation policy.

We aim to provide children with the ability to reason in a logical way, to recall known facts quickly and confidently so they are fluent in basic skills and to apply mathematics through problem solving in real life contexts and deeper challenges showing mastery of strands. We want to help children to see the links between maths and other subjects and deepen their understanding through investigations and applications of maths across the curriculum. 


White Rose Maths Hub
 Taking objectives directly from the New National Curriculum, the White Rose Maths Hub have created an effective scheme of work which allows pupils of all groups to make progress through a variety of fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions. At Blakehill we encourage the use of concrete objects to aid pupil understanding and incorporate them into our teaching where possible. 


To help develop children’s fluency in mathematics we ask them to learn Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs). The children should learn these facts so they can instantly recall the answers. This means without working out the answers, or calculating in any way. When children instantly recall a fact correctly on 3 separate occasions it will mean they have Instant Recall and the target will be achieved.  Once all KIRFs in this stage have been achieved, your child will be given the next stage to work on.  It is expected that each stage will take a year to master. Children will be tested every term on these facts.


Interventions and Extensions

We monitor children’s progress carefully and organise additional support for groups for children who are finding the subject challenging. Some children may receive 1:1 support to develop their personal mathematical skills. Through the use of same day and next day interventions we ensure children have the understanding of new concepts and learning.


RM Easimaths

Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 is signed up to the RM Easimaths website and given a personal username and passcode to give them access. This interactive website is full of helpful guidance, games and challenges. RM Easimaths can be accessed through a desktop internet browser such as Google Chrome as well as by downloading the RM Easimaths iPad app from the Apple Store. Children are encouraged to use the RM Easimaths website as much as possible, in extension to their mathematics homework.