Google Classroom: How to guide

Your child's class:
In order to create a seamless experience, each class has been assigned a ‘tree’ class name. This will help our provision if we are required to use remote learning in the medium / long term. You should see your child’s class ‘tree’ name, along with your child's teacher's name, when they log into Google Classroom. The tree names for each class are:
RW – Beech                                        4H - Alder
RP – Birch                                           4W - Hawthorn
1D – Ash                                             5G - Lime
1G - Oak                                             5L - Sycamore
2F – Hazel                                          6S - Chestnut
2S – Willow                                        6R - Maple   


Adding photos of your work:
  • Tap the class and then tap the assignment.

  • Tap your work.

  • To attach an item: Tap 'Add attachment'; tap 'Drive, Link, Upload, Take photo, or Record video'. Select the attachment and tap Select.