Enrichment Opportunities

Black History
This year we learnt about some black history heroes and the contributions they made to society, art and culture. We looked at influential individuals who had experienced discrimination in their lives and how they overcame this adversity.
The whole school took part in an African drumming workshop using djembe drums. Children created sounds and music from the African continent. They learnt African songs and learnt how to change the tempo and rhythm being played. The children were able to immerse themselves in a different culture whilst experiencing a feeling of unity as part of a drum circle.
Alongside the history, we brought in cross curricular links to other subjects.
Local History
Each year group looks at a different aspect of local history. Reception look at our school, Year 1 learn about Idle and the Jowetts, Year 2 learn about Titus Salt and Saltaire, Year 3 learn about the growth of the wool trade in Bradford, Year 4 learn about the impact of WW2 on Bradford, Year 5 learn about mining in Yorkshire and Year 6 learn about the Battle of Stamford Bridge. As the children at Blakehill move through school they build a picture of their local area and look at key changes to understand why it is like it is today.