Enrichment Opportunities

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 We are very proud of our school choir.
Mr Froud from St Cuthbert's Church came into school today to tell us a story about asking for help when you need it. There was a song of course! We all enjoyed joining in and singing together as a school.
Our choir sang Christmas carols at Morrisons today. We had a big audience.
We sounded great!
Years 5 and 6 had their Christingle Service St St Cuthbert's Church. The singing was beautiful.
Our KS1 Nativity Production was called The Inn- spectors! We learned to sing lots of songs, and some of us played musical instruments too!
We had a special assembly  today where we learnt about the French Horn, Oboe, Clarinet and Flute. We listened to some beautiful live music and had the opportunity  to ask  lots of questions. Our favourite instrument was the French Horn. Do you know that if it was unravelled it would stretch for 4 metres! 
The children in Y2 have been learning about the composer Prokofiev. He was Russian, and he composed the music for a story called Peter and the Wolf. We enjoyed listening to the story on a 'record player' and then we drew the characters and the musical instruments that represented them in the story.
Listening to live music!
We enjoyed the Zulu Warriors.
We love listening to live music! We were fascinated listening to brass instruments today. 
Some highlights from our drumming concert today!
These are some of our comments about drumming!
Ella- "I feel happy when I'm drumming!"
Isabelle- "When I get back to class after drumming I want to do more work!"
Jack- "I feel proud of myself because I'm learning new things"
Ethan- " I feel like I've got stuff off my shoulders after I've been drumming"
Rees- "When I'm sad drumming cheers me up- it makes me want to do other things which I wouldn't do"
Amber- "I feel good when I'm drumming"
Taylor- " I feel excited when I'm drumming, and you never know what you like until you try it"
Elana- 2- "I like doing the spider"
Alfie- "I like doing the caterpillar. It makes me feel amazing when I go back to class"
Gurneet- "I enjoyed everything!"
Harley- "I've enjoyed learning"
Jacob- "It's fun and exciting to do drumming!"
Harvey- "It makes me feel a bit happy actually"
Elijah- "I feel free when I'm drumming and calm when I go back to the classroom"
Evie- "I feel proud and happy"
Mia- "I've enjoyed learning different stuff"
Jacey - "I've enjoyed everything" 
The Choir sang at Morrisons today. We raised money for the 'Candlelighters' Charity.
'Rock Steady' came to perform for us today! We love listening to live music.
We are proud of this award.
Bradford Cathedral came to visit Year 2 and Year 3 children. We did lots of singing. Some of the children were given a Golden Ticket which meant they were invited to sing with the choir.
Rock Steady came to school today to do some workshops. Some of us had the chance to play in a band. We had two keyboard players, two singers, a drummer and a guitarist.
Alex from Bradford Cathedral Choir did some singing with us today. If you're interested in joining the choir then there are details here!
Rocksteady came into school today. It was great to hear live music again!
We enjoyed performing in front of our friends.
Singing LO- Rehearse and learn songs from memory, Sing in unison and as part of a smaller group Sing ‘on pitch' and 'in time', Sing expressively, with attention to dynamics and articulation. Respond to a leader or conductor
Bradford Cathedral are looking for children to join their choir. They came to school today to hold some auditions with Y2 and Y3.
Singing Club
Some of us enjoy singing in a group after school has finished with Mr Wilson. Here we are learning to sing ' We don't Talk About Bruno'.
LO- Rehearse and learn songs from memory, Sing in unison. Sing ‘on pitch' and 'in time', Sing expressively, with attention to dynamics and articulation. Respond to a leader or conductor
It was great to take part in Young Voices again!

LO- appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music

We experienced some live music making in school today. ‘Plumber Drummer’ came into school and played on the instrument that he had made himself from plastic tubes.

Our new drummers! Look how hard we're concentrating. This really helps us to focus once we're back in the classroom. It makes us feel great too!