Word Mountains

Word Mountains
Children are given weekly spellings to learn at home and they will be tested on a Friday.
Each child has a yellow word mountain card which is updated in school after their spelling test. Please make sure their Word mountain card is in their book bag on a Friday so we can update it.
Children need to learn how to spell these words with the correct formation and orientation. They will be moved up when they can spell all 10 words correctly in school.
Below is a copy of the word mountains.
How to support your child at home 
There are lots of way to make learning spellings exciting.
Take a look below 
This is a very traditional way of learning spellings and some children enjoy learning this way. 
Scrambled Egg
  • Choose a word
  • Spell out the word on different pieces of paper
  • Ask your child to unscramble them and put them in the correct order.
Magnetic Letters 
Let your child explore the magnetic letters and create their spellings. This kinesthetic and visual way of learning is great for children to use resources and experiment with spelling words correctly.