Welcome to 1D's class page! 
In 1D your class teacher is Miss Dickinson. Mrs Lister also works in 1D and so does Mrs Marsay. 
In 1D we love to make learning exciting and fun. It is a massive step moving into Year One after learning in Reception. We are all here to make that step as happy and easy as possible. We are always here to help and support all the children and their parents/carers in our class. Please come and speak to us if you ever have any questions, concerns or worries. 
At Blakehill, we have a school council. Our school councillor is James. He is going to represent our class and share our class ideas at school council meetings. 
Coming to school in the morning
School begins at 8.30am every morning. It is really important that children arrive on time as learning begins straight away. When you leave your child with us at the door, they will come in, hang up their coat and empty their own book bag. We try to encourage children in Year One to be as independent as possible. If they have a water bottle or fruit snack we ask them to leave it in their own pigeon hole above their peg. If they have a PE kit or lunch box this will also be left on their peg.  They then come straight through into the classroom and will complete a morning activity before joining me on the carpet for register and morning exercises. 
Leaving School at the end of the day
1D finishes school at 3pm each day. We begin to get children ready for home time at 2.45. At this time children will collect their own book bag, water bottle and coat. We will then finish our day with a story. At the start of the year it might take us some time to get to know you all so please be patient with us. We want to make sure that all children get safely to the correct parents. Hopefully we will get faster as the year goes on. 
Children in 1D do PE lessons every Tuesday and every Thursday. They no longer need to come to school dressed for PE. Please can you ensure that they have their PE kit now in school for these days. Their kit needs to be hung on their peg whilst they are in school and should be clearly named as they can easily get muddled when the children are changing. 
Homework Projects
We will be encouraging children to continue their learning in school at home with you. Every Half term we will be asking you to work together at home with your child to complete your own project linked with the learning that we are doing in class. For our first half term we will be learning about 'ourselves' in science. We would like you to complete a project of the same title at home. 
I am hoping that you will be able to be creative with your learning. It can be written work although I would love to see some alternative ideas. Maybe you could try making a model, drawing, painting, making your own movie. Perhaps you have a better idea? I'm so excited to see what you can create. 
Reading Books
Children will bring home a reading book and reading diary in their book bag each day. When they bring their reading book home we would like them to spend some time with an adult at home sharing the story and practising their blending skills. When you have read with your child at home, please can you date, sign and write a short message in the reading diary to let us know how you have got on at home. If the diary is dated and signed your child will receive a sticker for their home reading chart and will be able to go and chose a new book. 
We will listen to all children reading in school every week and will complete regular assessments to ensure that they are bringing home suitable books. 
Word Mountains
In Year One children complete weekly word mountain challenges. Each word mountain shows a set of spellings for your child to learn. Every Friday children in Year One are tested on their word mountain. 
If they spell each word correctly they will move on to the next word mountain. 
Please can you help your child by practising their word mountain spellings at home each week so that they are confident to have a go on Friday. 
High Frequency Words
Children will be given a set of high frequency words in an envelope to practise at home. These are words they need to be able to read on sight. They should not need to sound these words out. If they accurately read the full set when tested at school they will then move up to the next set. If your child completes all the given high frequency words then they will be given an alternative weekly home challenge to complete. Children will be given a weekly test day for high frequency words. These will be tested by Mrs Lister. 
KIRFs stands for Key Instant Recall Facts. We do these in maths lessons. Usually we practise them at the the beginning of a lesson. Each half term children will be given a KIRF to focus on. We will send home sheets to support you to practise this KIRF at home. At the end of the half term we will test each child to assess their understanding and confidence.