Sun Smart

Executive HeadChair of GovernorsReview Dates
  Last Review: Dec -2017
Trevor Patterson Philip Cavalier-Lumley Next Review: Dec -2020

At Blakehill Primary School we want staff and pupils to enjoy the sun safely. We will work with staff, pupils and parents to achieve this through:

All pupils to have at least one Sun smart lesson per year
We will talk about how and why to be Sun smart in assemblies at the start of the summer term.
Parents/Carers will be informed in newsletters what the school is doing about sun protection and how they can help at the beginning of summer term.
Teachers to have sun smart training at the end of Spring Term.


We have a canopy outside reception area.
We have seated area providing natural shade from a tree next to the school field.
We have a shelter and seating next to the Years 5/6 entrance on the top playground.
We have numerous trees providing natural shade around the school grounds.

Sports days to be at either in the morning or late afternoon in order to avoid when sun is most intense.
Pupils will not have PE after lunch if deemed unsafe by teacher.
Breaktimes not to be extended.

Pupils encouraged to wear clothing that is sun smart
Pupils to wear t-shirt for PE
Staff encouraged to be good role models and wear hats and sunglasses when on break duty and PE.

Parents to be asked to put factor 15+ on their child before they come to school.
Parents will be reminded on educational visit letters that pupils should have appropriate sunscreen applied (factor 15+) and that suitable clothing should be worn.