Summer Term

PE: Jumping
Our PE topic this half term is jumping and we are developing our co-ordination and balance in order to jump more efficiently. We are also exploring jumping in different ways for different purposes. We have learnt how to jump for distance from a standing and running start. We have learnt the importance of bending our knees and how we can change the way we move our legs and core body in order to balance or jump further.  
Maths: Shape
We think it is important to do 'hands on' learning in Year 2 and have taken lots of opportunities to do so in our shape unit. We have used art straws and K'Nex to build 2D and 3D shapes. We have used K'Nex to investigate the open ended question of whether 2D shapes can be used to build 3D shapes. We have used concrete shapes to develop our vocabulary and teach each other about faces, edges and vertices. 
Penalty Shoot Out
Billy Bantam came in and we got to score goals against him! We didn't hold back either! Billy took hit after hit as our aim was on point! 2F definitely have the next generation of goal scorers! 
Reading: Paired Reading
We read in lots of different ways in 2F and for lots of different purposes. During SMART reading, we read in small groups using smart phones so that we can hear ourselves clearly. We receive help to recognise words on sight, develop our use of expression and understand how to develop our understanding of what we have read. We do this in small groups with an adult 3x a week. We also independent read every day, choosing books from our reading corner. Sometimes we get a comfy seat on the sofa cushions in our reading corner! We also read together to help each other with our word recognition and to retrieve key facts. 
English: Instruction Writing
We have worked in teams to piece together an instruction text jigsaw. We shared ideas about why we thought different parts of the text went where it did. We then used a features checklist to label the different parts and understanding how an instructions text should be written. We then ordered our own events for an instructions and orally rehearsed our instructions using time adverbs. We EVEN made our own bird feeders! Finally, we put all of our knowledge to use to write our own instructions!
Maths: Fractions
We kicked off our fractions topic by using concrete resources to explore wholes and parts. We practised our ideas out loud and explored the concept in a range of different contexts. We found our division learning very helpful! We are now experts on equal and unequal groups. 
Science: Habitats
We have been learning about different habitats and why they are different this half term. We have learnt that each habitat is special because it provides a home for its specific nature. We have learnt that some of our habitats are being destroyed and so the plants and animals in them are struggling to survive. We have researched different habitats around our world. We have investigated micro habitats around our school and used that learning to design and create a bug hotel for them.