Summer 2

What a busy term it has been! This term we have been working super hard in 1D, take a look at some of our great learning!
In Maths we learned about fractions. We investigated halves and quarters. 
We have also been learning about money and learning to tell the time.
We have been really busy in our topic lessons. We have done a lot of very interesting scientific investigations. We learned about floating and sinking. We investigated materials and found out which ones floated and which ones sank. 
We also investigated the transparency of materials using a light box.
In science week we investigated how many beads a person could pick up in their hand. We had a lot of fun!
We had a lot of fun celebrating OBON day. 
We were excited to be able to celebrate sports day this year. 
Have a look at our wonderful art work.
Well I can't quite believe that today has come. I just wanted to say how proud I am of each and every one of you. I know you will sparkle in Year 2. Have a wonderful Summer 1D xxxx