Spring Term

We started off the day with some Sing Up! It was great fun - and we really hit some high notes!
We have been joining in with PE With Joe! It was a great way to get our blood pumping and our hearts racing! If you want to join in at home, follow this link 
In our computing lesson we have been using a branching database to identify different animals by answering yes/ no questions. We had to use our knowledge of nocturnal animals and different animal habitats, as well as learning this new skill, to be successful.
In English we have been learning about the features of non-fiction writing. We had to put a jumbled up non-fiction report back together then label the features we have learnt about so far...
To go with our learning about nocturnal animals, we have painted our own version of Van Gogh's Starry Night. We used wax crayons for the detail then did a watercolour wash over the top. 
We received a mystery letter this morning! It was dated September 1666 and it came from a man called Thomas Farriner. The letter talked about a 'raging inferno' and asked us to investigate and tell everyone in the country what was going on!
We have found out our letter is about the Great Fire of London! Some of us got into role as King Charles and everyone else asked him questions. We wanted to know how he was going to stop the fire, how he was going to help all the homeless people and what he would use to rebuild the city.
Today we acted out the day and night before the fire. We though about what we would have smelt and heard, how we would have felt and what we would do to save ourselves.
Today we started our Plants topic by closely observing different types of seeds and the making a detailed drawing of them. We looked at sunflower seeds, beans and cress seeds and talked about the similarities and differences.
Art: Using colour and texture
We did a carousel activity having a go at representing the night sky from The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark in different ways. We used different watercolour paints, collage and crayons to complete our night time landscapes. We decided that blues, purples and blacks were the best colours to use to show the night sky. 
Geography: Fieldwork - Features of our landscape
We worked in pairs to find and take pictures of the human and physical features around our school. We then sorted these pictures using picCollage to create posters of our school environment. 
Maths: Division - Equal Groups
We were finding division and the idea of equal groups tricky so we went back to using concrete resources, practising our understanding out loud and sharing ideas. By working together, practising our thinking using sentence stems and using multilink, we became experts at putting into equal groups. 
English: Drama
We used Hot Seating to explore the main character, Traction Man in our story. We worked as teams to think of questions we could ask him to understand how he was feeling. We then developed our inference skills further to interview each other and answer the questions. 
Art: Brush strokes
To create Mother's Day cards, we explored how we could use brush strokes to create simple images. We watched a video of an artist using brush strokes to create petals, stems and leaves. We discussed how we could put brush strokes together to create a petal. We practised using simple, smooth strokes. We realised that we needed to make sure there was enough paint on our brushes and that the smoother our movement the more 'flow' the line had.
Games: Dodgeball
As part of our games unit, we developed key skills needed to play dodgeball. We practised our throwing and learnt how important it was to think about what our body as well as our arms were doing to throw the ball well. We also worked on our response times, developing our listening skills and learning different ways to move our body to dodge. We learnt to move sideways as well as up or down to dodge the ball.