Spring 2


In English we have been practising using paragraphs and identifying where they should go in texts. 
We used TiP ToP to help us as we use a paragraph for a new time, place, topic or person. 
We use a word wheel when thinking about the character mouse and words which would be best suited to describe him and other superheroes. 
We recapped our knowledge of suffixes before learning about able and ible using a 'chocolate bar' tell me more grid. 
We haven taken part in a local geography field study and thinking about our local area. We have considered how we can impact on the environment and create pollution. We have surveyed the different types of cars in the car park and will then see what conclusions we can draw from it. 
We have been developing our typing skills using BBC Dance Mat typing. 
We then used our research in Geography to create a table and graph on excel which shows our findings. 
In maths we have recapped short division using counters to help our understanding. 
In PE we are learning about orienteering. At first we developed our communication and team work skills by trying to get our team across the lava river. 
Red Nose Day 
We celebrated Red Nose Day by wearing red. Here is how some of use turned red. 
In DT we are learning about textiles and sewing. We started by recapping the basics of threading a needle and the different stitches.