Key Instant Recall Facts - KIRFs

Key Instant Recall Facts
During maths learning children are required to learn Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS).  Your child needs to know these facts off by heart and will be learning these maths number facts during maths starters and in lessons.  
Please support your child learning these at home too.
If you need any support please come and ask a member of the Reception team.

Autumn 1 Term Focus

To recognise quantities without counting, to 5. (Subitise)

Please see below for a support sheet with some fun and engaging ways to help and encourage your child with this skill. There is also a link to click on which will provide you with more information about subitising. The top tips are really useful too!

Top Tips

The secret to success is practising little and often. Use time wisely. Can you practise these KIRFs while walking to school or during a car journey?

Use practical resources – Show your child a small group of objects. Ask them how many there are without counting.

 - put dots on the ladybird, how many are there?

 - using a 5 frame