Governor Visits

HeadteacherChair of GovernorsReview Dates
Last Review: 09-2019
Lisa Keighley Philip Cavalier-Lumley Next Review: 09-2022

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions, Governors are temporarily unable to visit the school site. All visits are momentarily conducted virtually and reported in accordance to this document


Through our programme of individual governor visits we aim to:-

  • Improve knowledge of the ethos of the school and awareness of the work on the curriculum.
  • Assist the whole governing body to fulfill its statutory role.
  • Improve governor understanding of the needs of the school and the priorities for the School Improvement Plan.
  • Monitor and evaluate the School Improvement Plan especially in relation to curricular issues
  • Improve governor links with staff, pupils and parents.
  • Help governors to be better able to support the school community.
  • Highlight the needs for particular resources.

Timetable of visits

  • All governors aim to visit at least once a year during the working day.
  • All new governors to be offered an introductory visit soon after their appointment to the governing body as part of their introduction programme.
  • Governors are welcome to informally visit the school (with prior notice) taking into account the needs of all concerned and the appropriate timing of visits e.g. assemblies
  • Invitations are sent for some occasions.
  • Visits to talk with the Executive Head and/or Head of School to be made by appointment.
  • Governors receive copies of parents’ newsletters, which contain notice of events and are welcome to attend these.

Focus of Monitoring Visit

Visits to focus on aspects of the School Improvement Plan and on carrying out the work of the governing body eg. Governor for:

Vulnerable groups ( SEND, disadvantaged pupils)

Curriculum and standards


Attendance and Punctuality

Parental Engagement



The visits are to have a particular emphasis on a major aspect of delivery of the school. The Curriculum Committee will discuss the focus of these visits and suggestions brought to the whole governing body.

What Governor Visits are NOT about:

  • Making judgments about quality of teaching and operational management
  • Checking the progress of own children
  • Pursuing personal agendas
  • Monopolising teachers time
  • Arriving with inflexible preconceived ideas
  • Interrupting, giving ideas or suggestions during teaching time


Format for visits

1 Arrange a visit with the appropriate teacher(s) and agree the aim of the visit and arrangement for it in advance. Ensure the Headteacher is aware of the focus of the visit.

2 The visit

Staff will have been consulted about the date and purpose of the visit. This will enable them to prepare any information related to the focus of the monitoring visit and to set up a programme for the governor. This might include;

  • Opportunities to talk to staff about a particular school priority
  • Make Informal observations
  •  Learning walks
  • Opportunities to speak with children 
  • Attend subject lead presentations and discuss action plan priorities and actions
  • Review school's safeguarding procedures
  • Visit classrooms to observe teaching and learning
  • Examine data
3 A further meeting with the Headteacher  to review the focus of the visit and clarify any queries.

The follow up

1 Governor to complete a Checklist for Governors (download below - to support and guide a governor on their visit)

2 The completed report shared with the full governing body.

3 Staff and governors to give opinions on the effectiveness and success of these visits

4 Governors and staff to update the policy every three years.