Early Birds and Night Owls before and after school provision

 Welcome to Blakehill Primary School's Early Birds and Night Owls


We are delighted to announce that our before and after school provision commences on Monday 2nd November. We are looking forward to providing excellent extended school provision to the pupils and their families at Blakehill

Our Aim  

  • provide high quality before and after school provision for pupils attending Blakehill 
  • provide a safe, positive and enjoyable environment  
  • support parents who need/want to work 
  • reinvest profits to sustain and further our vision for improving outcomes for children 


Blakehill Early Birds 

Early Birds is the name of our before school club and will provide childcare between 7.30am – 8.45am every morning, at a cost of £4.50 per child, per session. The cost includes a breakfast buffet and a drink.   At the beginning of the school day, children will be escorted to their classes by a member of the Early Birds’ team.  


 Blakehill Night Owls 

Night Owls is the name of our after school club and will provide childcare between 3:15pm – 6.00pm daily, at a cost of £8.50 per child, per session. The cost includes a teatime buffet and a drink. Your child will be collected from their classes and remain in the care of the Night Owls’ staff until they are collected by a parent/carer.   

  Reductions available for siblings.


How to Apply 

Below are the registration forms for Early Birds and Night Owls for you to view and complete should you wish to apply for a place at either/both club Please contact the school office if you require further information or advice. 01274 414355 / office@blakehill.bradford.sch.uk 


Booking and Payment 

Once you have registered with us, payment for both Early Birds and Night Owls should be made via your Parent Pay account. Parents are welcome to pay for more sessions in advance if they so wish. Any absences must still be paid for and we cannot hold children’s places where non-payment from parents occurs. Payments made where absences occur due to COVID related illnesses or self-isolation requirements will be refunded.


Please do not hesitate to contact school should you require further information.