Year 4 Home Learning 4.5.20

Hello again to all our Year 4 children, parents and carers!

We hope you are taking care, keeping busy and enjoying home learning. 

From now on, to keep finding links simple, each week we will add a new page with the work focused for the week on whilst leaving the original home learning page still online for additional tasks to complete and keep busy with if you choose to. 

It has been great to see some of the things our Year 4 children have been up to whilst learning from home. The pictures we have received have been uploaded on the 4H and 4P class pages. Please do keep sending in what you are all up to as I am sure your friends are as interested as we are!

As always, if you would like to ask us a question or chat about any tasks that have been set, please message us via the e-schools website and we will get back to you as soon as we can. The children also have their own account on this and are welcome to ask questions or simply let us know what they are up to and how they are getting on.

Below, we have outlined the tasks we have set for this week. More detailed information can be found further down this page. It is important to note that in addition to these tasks, we do expect that all children read every day, practice TT Rockstars as often as possible and most importantly, have some fun! We recognise that most of these tasks involve the use of technology. This is because in regards to Purple Mash and TT Rockstars, we can track the work that children have completed. In addition to this, we have tried to set children exciting tasks such as El Dorado and to cover a range of curriculum areas.  If this is causing an issue, please get in touch and we will try our best to source the relevant paper copies for you. 

Take care everyone. Don’t forget to send us your photos!

Miss Philip and Mr Hodges.

English / Reading

This week we are looking at chapter 3 of The Shifter. 


Reading - read the chapter and identify any unfamiliar words. Can you work out what they mean using the sentence? Can you change some of the words for other synonyms?

English  - This chapter has lots of conversation between characters. To do this, the author has used Invert commas " "  to show who is speaking.   
We have learnt about this in school on multiple occasions so I would like you to write your own conversation between two characters. You may want to follow the story of the shifter or make up two new characters completely. Remember to use Capital letters , ! ? . to punctuate accurately.    Feel free to share them with us through e-schools or by emailing the office. 


reading- read again and complete the quiz either online or in your workbooks.

English - Today I would like you to write some sentences using conjunctions (a word that links two ideas/clauses) . These can be silly ones (no context) or ones based on The Shifter. That is up to you. 

In your sentences, try to use the conjunctions    when   after    if   since      once     until   despite
To challenge yourself you could use more than one conjunction in a sentence. 


Reading- Use the text to answer the open ended questions and sequence task.

English - I would like you to write 5/6 sentences using adverbs. An adverb tells you how a verb is carried out such as The boy jumped slowly. It adds detail so the reader can better understand how something has happened. 
You can use the adverbs below or choose ones of your own. 
rapidly        angrily      naughtily       stupidly      kindly      beautifully  

For a challenge, try to use the adverb at the front of the sentence. Think about the punctuation that it will need. 



Reading - I would like you to predict what you think will happen in the next chapter of the story. Write in full sentences and use what you know to explain why you think that. 

English - complete the SPaG task for chapter 3 


 Complete the writing task on Purple Mash. This can be done online or in their books. 
You should be using direct speech, conjunctions and adverbs as we have practised these in the past few days. 


There are 2 spelling tasks on Purple Mash which can be completed online throughout the week at any point. 


For further English work, they can choose a new text on Serial Mash and complete a chapter and the tasks a day or have a go at the El Dorado lessons.  Alternatively, they may want to keep a diary about what is happening at the minute for future children to learn about life in lockdown. It could become a primary source for children in the future like the diaries we have read about WW2. 


Week beginning 4.5.20

Please complete the Year 4, Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April) learning resources on the White Rose Maths website. This week you will continue to learn about decimals.

The link is:

 You will be learning about:

  • Make a whole
  • Write decimals
  • Compare decimals
  • Order decimals
  • Maths Challenge

 Lessons linked to your Stage 4 KIRFs are in blue.

Once you have watched the video, complete the questions in your workbooks. After that, you can check your answers with a grown up.

If you are finding the links tricky, follow the step by step guide in the PDF below. 

In addition to TT Rockstars, children can follow the links below to play on other maths games to practice their wider arithmetic skills.
This week we would like, at a time when it won't be annoying everybody!, to explore your house and think about what objects produce sound.
You could create a table in your book where you observe and describe what you hear and how it makes a sound.
Rubber band              pull it back and let go                  makes a twanging noise 
Once you have done this, you can try answer the question how is sound made? 
After doing so, research your the answer and see if you are right. 
Computing - Using the 2Graph section on Purple Mash (this can be found under the Maths area) we would like you to produce a graph of your choice.  Alternatively, you can draw one in your book. 
It could be a graph to show the different height of people in your family or the different size/amount of fruit, lego, tv remotes, chairs (anything that can be compared). 
Have fun doing some measuring and presenting your findings. 
We would like you to choose another spelling rule from the list and practice this week. 
The list of spelling rules is attached as a PDF below. 
There are lots of different ways you can practice your spellings. 
For example: Rainbow words, fancy writing, pyramid words, writing words out three times, air writing, bubble writing, silly sentences and many more!
El Dorado - Week 3
We hope you enjoyed writing your letters last week! 
This week, the learning is all about writing a diary. 
Follow the same links that you have done previously to access the lessons. 
If you would like to share these with us, take a picture and attach them to an email to the school office and we'll share them on our class pages.  
we'll look forward to seeing what you write!
It's important to make sure that you keep active whilst at home. Follow the links below for PE lessons with Joe Wicks and dance lessons with Oti Mabuse.
History - Romans 
The Romans decorated their homes with mosaics. Some even exist today!
Your task this week is to research mosaics. What sort of designs did the Romans use? Did all people during Roman times have mosaics or was it just wealthy people? Where would you find mosaics?
After you have researched Roman mosaics, it is time to design and create your own!
You can use paper, pebbles, beads, dried lentils/beans or anything else you can think of. 
We'd really like to see your finished mosaics so please take a picture and email them to the school office so we can put them onto our class pages. Have fun!