What We've Been Up To...

Hanson School Games Under 11s High Netball
Over 3 Thursday evenings after school, our U11s Netball team competed in the Hanson School Games competition alongside 16 other schools. Prior to the competition our pupils had worked hard in their after school club with Miss Dobson, our Sports UK coach, to build a team that communicated and worked together effectively. 
We competed in the A league against pupils from schools across Bradford for the first 2 evenings, with games lasting five minutes for each half. After only one loss, we came second in this league!
On our final evening, the sun shone for us and we competed for third place across the whole competition with a longer game (a 28 minute long match split into quarters) against Feversham Primary School. We won 13-0, with 6 goals scored in the first quarter! 
We are extremely proud of our pupils and look forward to future competitions at Hanson!

Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's 92nd Birthday


On Friday 20th April we celebrated the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a "red, white and blue day". Pupils came to school dressed in red, white and blue and classes throughout school learnt about the Queen's birthday. 

After learning about the difference between the Queen’s actual birthday and her official birthday we discussed the protocol around both of the celebrations. Then we took part in a problem solving activity that required us to work together as a team and work through clues systematically. We needed to solve which guests were going to be sat where at one of the dinner tables for the celebrations of the Queen's birthday. 

Sister Act

On Wednesday 21st March 6R were invited to Immanuel College to watch their performance of Sister Act. This was an exciting opportunity for us ahead of our transition to secondary school. We also enjoyed seeing some ex-Blakehill pupils performing in the show. Some of us can’t wait to go to move on to Immanuel and perform in their show next year!

Indian Week 
As part of World Book Day we had an Indian Focus week in school. Each year group concentrated on an Indian story and one area of India. We focused on a number of cultural and religious stories from India in our writing groups and on the city of Delhi in our Topic lessons. 
On Wednesday 14th March 6R were treated to an Indian drumming workshop from Red Panda Entertainment. We enjoyed learning about the drums that come from the Punjab region of India and having a go at playing them!  The following day, 6R were then treated to an Indian dance workshop from Red Panda Entertainment. We enjoyed learning about the Sikh and Buddhist culture and then had a go at some Bhangra dancing.   
Ravneet kindly brought some traditional Indian sweets for us to try as well! 

Maths Mastery Workshop

On Friday 9th March 6R took part in a problem solving maths mastery workshop using STEM problem solving activities. They worked well in small mixed ability pairs with some great use of mathematical reasoning and vocabulary.

World Book Day 2018

After the snow tried to stop our fun, our World Book Day finally took place on Friday 9th March. We had a wide array of book characters turn up to school!

Online Safety Workshop

PC Luke Carson visited Year 6 on Friday 9th March to talk to us about the dangers we can face online and how we can prevent these dangers. We all realised that we still have a lot to learn about what we should and shouldn’t share online.


During Spring term 6R have been learning to play Tennis. They have been building up their skill set ready to play full games. Over the weeks the children have learnt the following skills: 

  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • How to serve
  • Tactics
  • How to continue a rally
  • Rules of the game

Viking Rock

On Friday 23rd March we had our class assembly about the Vikings. We created our own tour through the Viking time period with some battles, songs and monks! 

Penalty Shoot-Out

Bradford City FC community Foundation visited Blakehill to carry out a sponsored penalty shoot-out. Friends and families of our pupils sponsored them to take 4 penalties against the Bradford City FC mascot Billy Bantam.

During Spring term 6R have been learning to play Badminton. They have been building up their skill set ready to play full games. Over the weeks the children have learnt the following skills: 
  • backhand “thumb” grip
  • forehand “v” grip
  • how to serve 
  • how to respond to serve 
  • how to keep a rally going between themselves and an opponent 
  • tactics used to outwit opponents 
6R have particularly enjoyed playing the around the world game in their sessions. 
A day as a Viking
As a stimulus for our Viking topic, 6R visited Murton Park in York where they were able to explore the Viking village of Danelaw. Throughout the day pupils lived life as a Viking, learning the skills that were used in day-to-day life such as:  clay lamp making, wood collecting, grinding wheat to make flour, warrior training and farming.
At the end of the day 6R had a much better understanding of how hard Viking life was and they were glad to return to the 21st Century and the warmth of Blakehill! 
Safer Internet Day 2018
As part of Safer Internet Day 6R looked at three different aspects of keeping safe on the internet.
First of all we thought about how we communicate using the internet. We found out that 97% of our class use the internet to communicate with each other or other people. Some of realised we need to be more careful when doing this. We also thought about the different hazards we can face online. We knew the names of these hazards and their definitions.
Then, thinking further about safer internet use, we used the “think you know cyber café” game where children were given different scenarios and possible answers or solutions for each. We had some missed responses to the scenarios. A few of us realised that we trust things too easily on the internet and we need think carefully about what we open click on. Some of us also realised that maybe we need a bit help from teachers, parents or carers when it comes to knowing what to if we have a problem online.
Finally, we watched the CEOP video for “Becky’s story” to gain a better understanding of the dangers of sharing personal information on line. Before watching the video, we thought about when we may have shared information like this online and some of us had done it without realising when gaming online against people we did not know.
Independent Learning Tasks
Take a look at the amazing independent learning projects that some of the children in 6R have produced. Their theme was "Rain forests" and the children have all taken a slightly different approach to their projects. It has been great to see some project boxes, fact files, art work and even poetry! Well done 6R! Mrs Russell is really impressed!  
Art week 
During the week of the 30th October, Year 6 studied the work of Frida Kahlo - a Mexican artist who produced surreal portraits of herself - as part of Art Week.
The children produced self portraits in the style of the artist and designed a background that reflected their interests and personality. The children enjoyed showcasing their work for parents at the exhibition on Thursday 2nd November. 
Hanson Aspirations Workshop
On Monday 16th October, some pupils visited Hanson Academy to attend a careers talk. Children took part in workshops about aspirations and heard from a number of motivational speakers. The aim of the workshop was to help our pupils realise they can achieve anything in life. The children really enjoyed hearing from people who had set up their own businesses, even though they hadn't found school easy.
Visit to Tropical World, Leeds
On Thursday 12th October Year 6 visited Tropical World in Leeds to enhance the learning for their Amazon topic in Geography and Evolution and Inheritance topic in Science. 
While at Tropical World, children explored the centre, looking for facts and information about the Amazon and adaptation as they were moving through it. Children also took time to sketch the wildlife and plant life. 
Once they had explored the centre, children took part in a woodland workshop with some of the park rangers from Roundhay Park. While in the woodland, children made comparisons of a temperate deciduous forest and a rain forest that they then used once back at Blakehill to support them with their non-fiction and topic work. 
Exploring the Plant Kingdom 
As part of our science topic of Classifying Living Things, 6R collected leaves from different trees to look at their features and think about how we could classify them into groups. 6R were very enthusiastic about this task and braved the blustery autumn weather to collect a wide variety of leaf samples. 
Transition visits
Our pupils in year 6  have enjoyed a number of visits from secondary school members of staff. The aim of these visits is for our children to meet members of staff from the secondary schools they may be looking to attend once leaving Blakehill. The children asked some very mature questions and were excited to look around the secondary schools ready for making their application choices. 
Extreme Frisbee 
Autumn 1 saw the introduction of a new sport to Year 6 - Extreme Frisbee. To introduce the sport Sports UK came to give our Year 6 children a taster where they were able to practice the skills required for the game and have a go at playing a match against each other. The children then developed their skills in their PE lessons and, at the end of the half term, competed against seven other schools from Bradford East One - coming third! Well done Year 6!