What we have been up to in school - History

We have been very busy doing lots of history throughout school. Have a look at what we have been up to:
Year 1 - Industrial Museum
Year 1 went to the Industrial Museum to learn all about what life was like in the past. 
Local History - Jowett Cars
Year 1 also went for a learning walk around our local area to find evidence about the importance of Jowett Cars in Idle. They were history detectives finding all of the names linked to Jowett and even had time to use maps to navigate their way around!
Toys from the past - Abbey House Museum
As part of their learning about toys past and present, Year 1 visited Abbey House museum where they got to look at toys from the past first hand!
Year 2 - Saltaire - Local history and famous people
Year 2 went to Saltaire as part of their local history unit and learnt all about who Titus Salt was and what life in Saltaire was like. 
History displays around school
Look at all of the work we have been doing in our books!
Year 1 - Skipton Castle Trip
As part of their learning about castles, Year 1 went to Skipton Castle to see the dungeons, murder holes, portcullis and much more