What we have been up to...

The Blakehill Obstacle Course
In the Autumn term we collected the school obstacle course raising lots of money for our school!
We've been learning all about electricity and building circuits. We discovered what materials were insulators and conductors and introduced switches into our circuits.
Our World War 2 Assembly
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4L loved having Sports UK come into school and teach them all about Tri-Golf and have a Tri-Gold festival with them.
 Children in Need
This Year, for Children in Need, we came to school in non-uniform and paid £1. If we had anything spotty or to do with Children in Need we could wear that too. As well as paying for the non-uniform we entered a raffle for 50p to win a Pudsey Bear and collected old £1 coins. Our class managed to raise over £30!
Art Week
As part of Art Week we recreated some of the famous works of Vincent Van Gogh our class artist. The masterpieces we made were then displayed in the hall with the rest of the school.
States of Matter
Over the last few weeks we have been learning all about the different states of matter and how some materials can change state. To demonstrate this we experimented with how to melt ice as quickly as possible to get a secret message and we got to make rice crispy cakes by melting chocolate!

The Water Cycle 

We’ve learnt all about the water cycle and played a memory game to create our own diagrams of it and explain them to the rest of the class. We even created our very own  mini waters cycle so that we could observe evaporation and condensation. 


In RE we have been learning about pilgrimages. We learnt all about the Hajj which is the pilgrimage Muslims take to Makkah. We decorated a house with images from the Hajj like pilgrims who have completed can do

Bradford City Penalty Shootout
We took part in a penalty shootout against Billy Bantam to raise money for Blakehill and a Bradford City charity.
Luke Carson, a member of the West Yorkshire Cyber Crime unit, came to visit us and we learnt all about how to stay safe online and played an E-Safety Quiz.
We went on our residential to Nell Bank in March. We did loads of activities including:
Den building
Pond dipping
Ilkley Moor Walk
Mini Beast hunt
Habitat trail
Wet Play
Adventure play.

Everyone had a great time!
In RE we have been learning all about creation stories from different religions.
4L's 2nd Assembly
 We preformed our assembly, all about our amazing residential to Nell Bank, in front of the school and our parents
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We have had Steve, a cricket coach from Bolton Villas, in to teach us cricket skills this term.

Science Week

As part of National Science Week, we used our scientific enquiry skills to try to work out how to build the longest LEGO Bridge we could in under 5 minutes. However, the bridge had to stand up on its own and hold a 200g weight!

We had a great afternoon building and exploring our different ideas!

Sports Day
We had a great time at Lower Key Stage 2 Sports Day!