What we have been up to...

Science - Electricity
We have been working scientifically and connected a battery, bulb and wires together to make a circuit. We made a circuit to light a bulb and later added a buzzer to create sound.

Sports UK - Ultimate Frisbee
The Sports UK team have been in school teaching us the skills we need to be able to be effective frisbee players. 
We learnt that having good hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness and balance enabled us to successfully throw and catch the frisbee with our partner.
So far this academic year we have enjoyed our class books, The BFG by Roald Dahl and The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.
We use our class reading area to read independently and with our reading buddies.
In our ICT sessions we have been sorting and collecting information to update data records. 
We sorted the data of school children and organised them using information of their age, weight, height and year group.

English - Features of a newspaper report
We worked in pairs and picked out key features of a newspaper report. We then discussed the features with our peers.
Art Week
As part of Art week in school, we chose to demonstrate our artistic skills by painting a selection of Vincent Van Gogh's famous art work.
We chose to recreate the paintings using a mix of colours and cotton buds.
We enjoyed showcasing our work for parents and carers at the exhibition which was held after school.
Maths - negative numbers
We used a number line to help us work out the differences of negative numbers and help us to read different temperatures.
English - Poetry week
During poetry week we focused on the poem - My cat Mitzi by Georgi Gill. 
The theme for the poems was Freedom.
We discussed what freedom was and also rewrote the poem changing the character and the setting.
English - Edit and Improve a piece of writing
We have been working as mini teachers and marking a setting description against a success criteria.

We then edited the piece of work and wrote our own setting description based on a setting during World War 2.
Drama - recreate a scene from Friend or Foe
We chose a scene from our current class book and recreated the scene through drama. We then performed this scene in front of our peers and they had to guess which scene we had performed.
Design and Technology - sewing 
Over the Christmas period we created calendars and cards. We stitched a candle using a  needle and a colourful range of thread on to Binca.
History - Historical events in Bradford
We looked at major changes to Bradford during World War 2.
We discussed what Bradford was like prior to the war and  how the war changed the city.
Science - states of matter
We were able to investigate how solid turns to a liquid when it snowed!

We observed snow and ice forming and  when it turned into a liquid. We also built a snowman!
Maths - Multiplication
To help us work out groups of two digit numbers we used base 10 to help us work the answer to calculations and word problems.

Science – Freezing and Melting
Our challenge was to find a way to melt the ice in a cup to read the fortune message hidden inside.

We found that using the radiator would take too long but running warm water into the cup was the quickest way to melt the ice!

ICT – E-Safety
We listened carefully and shared ideas with each other and Luke Carson – from the West Yorkshire Cyber Crime Unit about staying safe online.

Science - Solids, Liquids. Gas
We experimented different states of matters by melting chocolate. We melted the chocolate using hot water and then added the melted chocolate to rice krispies. We then observed the chocolate and noted the changes.

PE – Invasion Games

In PE this term we are learning about tackling and playing as part of a team.
Our chosen sport is Basketball.

RE – Pilgrimages

We have been learning about pilgrimages of different faiths. We looked at how Muslim pilgrims celebrate returning from the journey of Hajj by decorating their homes with paintings.

Science – Water Cycle

We made our own water cycle using a clear plastic bag, water and blue food colouring.
We left them on the windowsill to observe evaporation and condensation. 

Maths - Division

We have been learning to divide by using the chunking method.

 This involves us using our knowledge of our times tables to help us to divide.

Reading - World book week
During world book week, we enjoyed reading stories from India. Our class story was the Wicked Wish.
Here, you can see us using our inference and retrieval skills to pick out information from a text to answer questions.
Geography  - Rivers
We used a map to locate rivers from around the world.
We looked at key vocabulary to describe parts of a river.
Maths Mastery
We worked in groups to complete the challenging STEM maths mastery activities.

We had to solve different word problems and complete puzzles. Mrs Javed and Mrs Cavalier-Lumley then checked our answers and we moved on to the next challenge.
We used our reasoning skills to help solve some of the problems.
World Book Week
As part of the India theme for world book, we looked at Mrs Javed's traditional jewellery.
We used our Art books to sketch and draw the jewelleryas well as characters from the story, The Wicked Wish.
Mrs Javed even let us try on her wedding jewellery which was really fun!