What have we been up to?

Ingleborough Hall Residential
We began Year 5 with a bang by heading to Clapham Village for a week long residential at Ingleborough Hall. We had a fantastic time caving, gorge scrambling, tree climbing and bat hunting just to name a few activities. Have a look at the school blog to see pictures and posts from the week we were there! 
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Sponsored Obstacle Course
We had great fun participating in our annual obstacle course and tore after each other whilst weaving through cones, diving beneath nets and leaping over hurdles. 
Locations Homework Projects
Our first homework project was to complete work linked to studies of one or more area of our interest. We created a range of work from fact boards full of notes, pictures and paragraphs to folders crammed with comparative reports, fact files and drawings. Lovely work to have on display in our classroom!
In some of our reading lessons, we have been using Anthony Browne books to order and discuss key parts of the story. 
Describing the changes to the human body
To begin our unit about how the human body changes, we worked with statements, pictures and ages groups to explore what we definitely knew, thought we knew and questions we wanted to ask. 
When learning about the growth of a baby we were fascinated by the comparisons with different fruits to show us the sizes and were amazed by how quickly it grew.
We also measured children in our school to find out their hand span, foot length, height and head circumference in order to draw conclusions about what happens to children as they grow. 
We conducted research in order to answer some of our questions about what happens from adulthood to old age. 
Art Week 
During art week, we explored the works of graffiti artist Banksy and were very interested by the way in which he chose to make comment about his thoughts and opinions through his art. 
We explored different ways of creating effects using lines markings, different paint brushes of varying thickness and brush, different paint textures and how to make and use stencils. To do this we experimented and learnt how to use stippling vs brush strokes; create hatched, zig zag and swirly lines and how to use a craft knife. We created observational sketches, different designs for our stencils and a completed canvas. 
Exploring Animal and Plant Life cycles.
After learning about the life cycle of seeding plants and the different plant parts involved in this, we put on our investigating brains and dissected Miss Lea's flowers to find out what they looked like in real life. 
Design and Technology Week
For Christmas, we created our own decorations using our textiles skills. We learnt how to use blanket stitch and cross stitch as well as how to tack, leave a seam allowance and turn our decorations out so they could be stuffed. It took a lot of concentration but we enjoyed ourselves. 
Biographies Homework Projects
We put lots of effort into our biographies homework projects and wowed Miss Lea with the quality and quantity of work. Our classroom is full of amazing fact boards containing information paragraphs, news reports, poems and pictures. Folders crammed full of biographical writing, facts and research, boxes containing fact files, quiz cards and portraits and even a powerpoint presentation! 
Design and Technology - Creating a Design
As part of our Christmas learning, we took on the role as elves and designed Christmas toys. In order to do this, we researched existing toys on the market before working in pairs to sketch and label our design ensuring that we had provided views from all aspects so that the 'making' process would be easier. We created plan views, side views, front views, a 3D sketch and even an exploded diagram to make all parts clear!
 We created videos to promote our designs, have a look at our school blog to see them! 
National Coal Mining Museum
To kick start our local history study about mining in Yorkshire, we visited the NCM. We learnt all about where miners and their families lived and what this looked like, the different jobs that people in mining communities did and went down into an old mine where we learnt all about how mining worked. We had a great time and came home with filthy, black, coal smudged faces! Fantastic!
RE – Buddhism

As part of our learning comparing Christianity and Buddhism, we have been exploring who the Buddha was and how he established his religion. We used Book Creator to combine text, pictures and voice clips to create an interactive text. Have a look at Miley and Isabelle’s here… 

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Music - Bradford Cathedral Choir
Bradford Cathedral Choir choristers came in to do a singing workshop with us. We learnt how to maximise the use of our voice by altering our posture, mouth shape and by singing from our diaphragm. We also learnt how to sing up a scale and down a scale. We were impressed by how good we sounded!
We have been busy exploring shape in our maths lessons and have begun to learn all about angles in shapes. We have searched our school investigating which angles were the most common, describing them and estimating their size. We noticed that reflex angles were difficult to find!
Coal Mining Homework Projects
Yet another successful homework project full of fantastic arts, crafts, writing and powerpoint presentations! We carried out our project this half term based around our local history topic about coal mining in Yorkshire. Some of us visited local sites where coal was mined, some of us carried out and presented our own research and others created models of mines. A very impressive collection which continues to set the bar high!
World Book Day
For World Book Day, we explored an Indian Children's Stories book and looked at the story of Munna's Grain of Rice. To begin, we explored what we knew about the plot, key characteristics of the main characters and identified how we felt as readers. We then used this to create persuasive trailers on iMovie. We used exaggerated language, repetition and rhetorical questions to convince you. Have a look at our work and let us know if you fancy reading the book!
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