Dear Future Year 2s,

Hello! My name is Mrs Fairchild. You haven’t met me before because I am new to Blakehill but I am going to be your teacher in Year 2. Our class will be called 2F. I’m really looking forward to our year together and I can’t wait to meet you all. We are very lucky to have Mrs Sheerin as our teaching assistant and I know that she is very excited too.

Since you don’t know me, I’m going to tell you a bit about myself. I live in Bingley with my husband and little boy, who is called Jack. I enjoy going running, baking lovely cakes and being outside in the garden. I love being a teacher and my favourite things to teach are reading and writing, history and drawing.

Year 2 is going to be brilliant! Every day we will practise our maths, reading and writing and we will also do lots of painting, drawing, singing and learning about the world and the people around us. You are very lucky because an expert PE coach will come and teach you Gymnastics, Games and Athletics. There will be lots of fabulous trips too. We will go to Saltaire to find out all about Titus Salt who was a very important man in Bradford. Later in the year we will go all the way to York to visit a ….. chocolate factory! We will learn all about how chocolate is made and even get to eat it! Finally, in the Summer, we are going to visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to find out all about animals and their habitats. I can’t wait for this one because we will see Polar Bears and Lions! We will also visit a church and a mosque to learn about different religions.

Have you heard of Roald Dahl? He is going to be our class author in Year 2 so it would be lovely if you could find out a little bit about him before September.  You could read one of his books, maybe with a grown up to help, or choose one of his stories you would like us to read over the year. One which we will definitely read is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which is fantastic!

Lots of things about Year 2 will be the same as Year 1, like you will play in the same playground but now you will be the oldest children. What kinds of things could you do to help the new Year 1 children settle in? Lunchtimes and dinners will also be the same apart from you will have a new dinner lady to help you. Thursday will be pizza day!

We are really looking forward to being together in September and getting started with all of this exciting learning. Until then, try and read as much as you can and it would be lovely if you could practise a little bit of maths and writing too. Don’t forget to sound out your words and take care forming your letters.

Have a lovely Summer and we will see you soon!

Mrs Fairchild and Mrs Sheerin