Welcome to 1D. I wonder if you can guess who your teacher is going to be in Year One? Let's ask Miss Dickinson to introduce you...
Now lets have a sneaky peek into your new classroom...


Well, I am officially the giddiest teacher ever. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you all back for a second year. It means that we can pick back up from where we left off and still do all those exciting things that we had planned to do together. Not only that, I will get to see you all turn six, I will also see you become more independent and grown up. That will make me very proud. I am really looking forwards to welcoming in you all back to school. We will have a new classroom and lots of other new routines to learn and get used to, but we can do that together. Mrs Lister and I will need you to help us too.

Our new classroom is really close to the reception classroom. It is a little bit smaller and there are more tables. Mrs Lister and I have been to have a look. It will soon look fantastic when I move our things in and I see your work on the walls. When we go to Year One we will have quite a lot of work to do. We will still do our phonics every day and we will still do our maths every day. We also have to do a lot more writing and reading each week. In year one you have to be really grown up and responsible. Sometimes you will have to try to have a go by yourself and you won’t always have a grown up sitting with you. I’m not worried though because I know that you can do it! We will still be able to play sometimes and at playtime you will be allowed in the big play ground with the Year Two children. I will make sure that we still have some toys in our classroom so that when you have worked really hard you will be able to relax.

I’m really looking forwards to opening our new door and seeing you all lined up and ready to come back to school. I know that it is going to be great and we are all going to work our socks off to catch up and do all the work we have missed. Try hard to practise over summer as much as you can so that we are ready to start in the new term. The best thing that you can do is read as much as you can, work on your fluency and high frequency words. Also try to start strengthening up your fingers for writing. There is quite a bit of writing to do in Year One and if your fingers are out of practise they will get tired. Tired fingers ache and make writing tricky. You can make your fingers strong by exercising them every day from now until we come back to school. Exercise them by writing and practising graphemes and simple words and sentences. You can also use playdough or plasticine, this is great for strengthening fingers. Cutting with scissors helps and any other type of fine motor activity, threading, using tweezers etc. Try to keep counting and spotting numbers too.

Most of all have a wonderful summer. Try to relax a lot and don’t worry about coming back to school. Mrs Lister and I will be there waiting for you and we are going to have lots of fun.

Lots of Love from

Miss Dickinson xx