Staff members:
 Class Teacher: Miss Lancaster
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Horrocks 
This is the first stage of UKS2 for pupils and as well as learning new things, they will also develop their independence in preparation for Y6 and ultimately the transition to secondary school. This is an important first step and we ask for your on-going support as parents and carers. 
Weekly activities: 
Monday - Indoor PE with Sports UK
Wednesday- Outdoor PE with Sports UK
Wednesday - Ukulele lesson 
Friday - Foundation subject carousel 
Spellings - given out every Tuesday and tested the following Monday. 
KIRFS - these are instant maths facts that children need to know before they move year groups. These are worked on daily within our maths lessons. 
A key aspect to the KIRFs are times tables which can be practised at home, where possible, by using the TT Rockstars app or website.
Reading - children must read, at home, at least 3 times a week and have an adult log it in their reading records to show on a morning during registration. Children will have additional reading time on Friday if they have not managed to read at least 3 times during the week at home. 
Homework - 
KIRF homework will be given out every Friday and is to be completed and returned by the following Wednesday. The homework provided will consolidate pupils’ learning from the specific KIRFs areas covered that week in class. It is used to check to pupil's understanding and to helps us identify any areas of learning that pupil's require further support for.
If your child needs additional support with their homework please contact a member of the Year 5 team (ideally at the end of the school day). Any children who do not return their completed homework by the Wednesday will be expected to complete it during lunchtime break.
Children will be given a  of optional homework to complete each half term. This will be linked to an area of the curriculum with a specific topical focus . It will be given out at the the end of a half term to allow children time over their break to complete it.
Our School Council member is: Kobe Oram