Our School Uniform consists of:

  • White or sky blue polo shirt
  • Black/grey trousers/skirt/shalwar kameez/blue and white checked school dress
  • Black/white socks or black tights   
  • Black shoes - not trainers or high heels (Boots can be worn for outside but shoes/pumps worn in school.    Trainers can be worn only for break times and PE
  • Navy blue sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo 

The full range of uniform is available from Henry Smith's in Shipley.

Click here for Henry Smith's contact details and directions.

Click here for The Uniform Shop's details and directions. 

  • Book Bags are available to purchase from the school office.

Sensible, low-heeled black shoes (not trainers) should be worn for school.  Appropriate hair styles are also expected as part of the school uniform.  Exaggerated colours and styles are not welcome.  In this we are reflecting the policies of local Secondary Schools.

PE Uniform

Children  should wear navy blue shorts or black leotard, a white T-shirt and black PE pumps for indoor PE. Trainers, plain navy blue or black tracksuit for outdoor games. Pump bag. 


The school follows Health and Safety regulations set down by the Local Authority.  In line with our ethos of developing and supporting cultural diversity, we recognise that some parents may wish their child to wear jewellery in accordance with their cultural beliefs and practices.

We would respectfully ask that parents consider the Health and Safety implications and take on full liability for any incidents that may occur whilst in school.

For safety reasons, we ask that rings, bracelets and necklaces are not worn in school.  If children have had their ears pierced only studs and not sleepers must be worn at school.  By following this guidance we also hope to avoid the added problems of loss.

Name Labels

It is absolutely vital that all items of clothing are named.  

The labels provided by Nametags.com are very good and are easily ironed into clothes. They also provide stick on labels which are ideal for water bottles and lunch boxes etc.  If you use the following link, school will receive a small donation from the company for each set of labels bought.  Use the School ID 22551 if prompted. Click here for the My Nametags website.