The More and Most Able

At Blakehill we believe it is crucial to support, challenge and secure the best progress for ALL students right across the spectrum of ability and need. As part of this we strive to challenge and support our more and most able students through various means of provision, some examples of which are expanded upon in these sub-pages.
Challenge is often provided by the teacher providing the student with more taxing success criteria for a task, or a differentiated task which requires the pupil to work in a more independent way, to a greater depth of understanding. This can include children being given extra projects to work on independently, being given advanced texts to read at home and wider project based learning. Most able pupils at Blakehill have bespoke IEPs (Individual Education Plans) which specify some of the ways that provision will be provided to meet the needs of that child.
In addition, the independence and autonomy of able pupils is developed and harnessed through the provision of subject specific and problem solving challenge areas in classrooms, children acting as envoys and experts to help their peers with curriculum areas, as well as writing questions to challenge their peers using question stems.
In addition, many extra curricular opportunities are made available to enthuse and push the students, such as: visits from professional, published authors, visits to centres of expertise and excellence such as the STEM centre at Bradford University and the building of relationships with other schools giving children the opportunity to meet, challenge and be challenged by other children of similar ability and mindset - such as an inter-school more-able maths problem solving day.