At Blakehill Primary School, our curriculum is based on the September 2014 National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 & 2 and the Early Years 2012 framework in Reception. We are incredibly proud of our rigorous, well-planned curriculum, which, when combined with high quality teaching, ensures that the children at Blakehill Primary are supported in becoming well-rounded, empathetic young people who have a genuine thirst for learning. Our children develop a strong sense of moral purpose in addition to a respect for and understanding of people.

100% of our parents at Blakehill agree with the statement:

‘The pupils at Blakehill receive a broad curriculum and have many opportunities to engage in enrichment opportunities’. ( 2019) 

 Our Curriculum Aims

At Blakehill Primary School, we aim to offer a rich and full curriculum that enables all pupils to:

  •          Know that they come first in all that we think/do at Blakehill
  •          Achieve academic excellence across the curriculum
  •          Thrive
  •          Believe that they CAN
  •          Be the very best that they can be
  •          Enjoy and excel in their learning
  •          Have respect for themselves and for others
  •          Have their work, effort and achievements valued and celebrated
  •          Promote and believe in the ‘Together We Can’ school ethos
  •          Have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  •          Have access to a wide range of enrichment activities
  •          Develop relevant knowledge and skills to be successful now and in the future
  •          Embrace an ethos where spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is central
  •          Support physical development and responsibility for their own health, and enable them to be active
  •          Promote a positive attitude towards learning
  •          Ensure equal access to learning, with high expectations for every pupil and appropriate levels of challenge and support
  •          Promote the learning and development of our youngest children and ensure they are ready for Key Stage 1
  •          Feel successful in their learning; have high self esteem
  •          Be creative, independent learners
  •          Be given significant time to learn new skills and have time to practise those skills
  •          Have the flexibility to decide how best to learn in different situations
  •          Become successful lifelong learners
  •          Be able to evaluate and assess their own learning and know what to do to improve further
  •          Develop their critical thinking
  •          Embed what they have learned

Please take a look at our individual class areas, our curriculum area and subject specific areas on our website for further evidence of this

Long Term Plans 
Please look at the following documents in order to see our long term plans across the school and for each subject area. 
Should parents wish to obtain any further information relating to the curriculum, please click on the link below which will take you to the government national curriculum website