Summer Term

Summer 1
Year 4 have visited the Mandir to learn about the religious building that Hindus visit. We first reflected on the atmosphere we felt sitting in the open space. After that, it was time to take part in 3 different activities. These included looking at the different parts of the shrine, studying objects found there and learning about Hindu weddings from pictures. After all this learning, we then reflected and made comparisons between the Mandir and other places of worship we have visited. 

As part of our Science topic about sound, 4H made straw oboes to test how if the length of the straw affected the pitch.

We also learnt about pitch by making observation of the sound a string produces at different lengths.

We then investigated if the distance from a sound source relates to its volume using a decibel meter. 

4H have produced some art based on their trip to Nell Bank using either water colours, pastels, or tissue paper. 

Year 4 have been producing work around e-safety and what makes a safe online profile using word for a display in the computing suite.

Tell me more

4H enjoyed some time in the sun recapping key English vocabulary by playing the tell me more card game.

Summer 2
4H enjoyed their sports day ran by Miss Dobson where they took part in 6 different activities. These included bean bag throw, relay race, cone pick up, water relay and more. Everyone gave their all and had a great time whilst doing so. 
D-Day 75
Year 4 looked at primary and secondary sources on the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Allied invasion of Europe. We used them to ask key questions and try to empathise with what it would have been like in the build up to the invasion. 
As part of our learning about human nutrition, we modelled the digestive process by ‘digesting’ a banana sandwich. We then applied our learning to draw a diagram of the digestive process.


In geography, we have used archive maps to compare our local settlement has changed over the years and it has affected land use. After that, we then used iPads to create pic collages, with examples and explanation, about the different types of settlements


At the start of our learning about the Romans, we spent time looking at primary and secondary sources to remind ourselves about the Iron Age and what life was like in pre-Roman Britain.

At the start of our learning about the Romans we developed our understanding of chronology, timelines and scaling by sequencing key events in Roman Britain.
Finally, we applied all of our learning about the Romans, along with further research and use of sources, to create a PowerPoint all about them and their impact on Britain. 
We created Art from the perspective of standing on the moon using pastels. The work was displayed in the whole school art exhibition.