Summer Term - Our Science Learning

Y5 had a fantastic time at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, which accompanied their science topic of 'Earth & Space'.

In addition to looking around the fascinating exhibits on our solar system and beyond, they also took part in two workshops. During the first of these, they learned about life on a space station and did experiments involving testing the fitness of an 'astronaut' and assembling an electric circuit while wearing NASA space gloves! That session ended by a spectacular demonstration of a rocket fuel 'explosion'! The second session involved four experiments: dropping a 'meteor' into sand from different heights and measuring the crater; using a flow chart to identify a real meteor fragment; investigating the 'weight' of objects on different planets and using a light meter to work out which planets would get most light from the sun.

They learned so much and can't wait to complete the topic back at school with all their new knowledge and skills!