Summer Term

Computing - Data and Information.
LO: To recognise that objects can be represented as pictures - pictograms. 
Today in our computing lesson we have learnt how to enter data on a computer and to use a computer to view data in a different format. We learnt and understood how to use pictograms to answer simple questions about objects. We have already learnt about statistics within our maths curriculum so as a class, we were able to discuss and compare tally charts, pictograms and the variety of objects. We had lots of fun using the Chromebooks!
Attached below is the link to the website that we used to create our own pictograms. It was really fun to have a go at collecting and evidencing data using the computer. The children in 2P really enjoyed this activity!
Science - Plants.
This week as part of our science topic, living and growing, we have been looking at the lifecycle of a plant and what we need to do to grow our own flowers using seeds. We all had a go at planting our own seeds with soil. We labelled our plants and we water them everyday and keep them placed in the sunshine. We enjoy watching them grow!
Indoor P.E
LO: Use control and balance to practise jumping skills.
This half-term during our indoor P.E sessions we have been practising our jumping skills using control and balance. We have been playing a variety of team games where we have applied our knowledge of landing, balancing and control of our bodies using cones and balls. 
Maths - Time
LO: To tell the time to o'clock and half-past.
In our maths lessons this week we have been learning to tell the time to o'clock and half-past. We have been practising our skills using analogue clocks before moving onto to reasoning and problem-solving questions. We have learnt that the little hand points to the hour and the big hand points to the minutes. This skill has enabled us to tell the time accurately. We really enjoy our practical maths lessons to develop our concrete understanding!
Vocabulary: analogue, hour, minutes, half-past, hour, time, clockwise, anti-clockwise.
Maths - 3-D Shapes
LO: Count vertices and edges on 3-D shapes.
This week in our maths lessons we have been exploring and understanding the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes. To support our understanding of 3-D shapes we used wooden sticks to explore the properties of different shapes. Using concrete resources helped us to understand and count the vertices and edges on a variety of shapes. 
Supporting and being kind to our friends!
This morning 2P have had lots of fun on the field! We have had a busy few weeks with our learning so we decided to go and take our learning outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. We are very good at supporting our peers and showing encouragement and kindness to one another. 
Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!
Today we have had lots of fun celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! At lunchtime we had a Royal Tea Party in the hall and we all got to choose a blue, white or red bun. This afternoon we played lots of different board games to develop our team building skills and we helped each other to understand the rules of different classic games. We learnt about the Queen's life and the importance of her reign and time on the throne. 
LO: To recognise that people can be described by attributes.
This morning in our computing lesson we understood that people can be described using attributes. We practised using attributes to describe images of people and our peers. In pairs, we collected the data we needed to organise people using an attribute. As a class we decided to focus on the attribute of hair colour! The data that we collected allowed us to transfer these results to create a pictogram to display this pictorially using a Chromebook. We then had to save our document so that we could discuss and share this information as a class.