Summer term

LO- to know about the work of a range of artists and  make links to our own work
We started off the Summer term with some relaxing painting. Here we are mixing our own colours to paint our own Monet Garden.
LO- to understand that objects can be represented by pictures
We collected data and created our own pictograms.
There's nothing like a bit of Cosmic Yoga to start the day!
LO- to understand how to create a pictogram and to sort by attribute
We collected data about objects in the classroom and sorted them based on the attribute of colour. We then made our own pictograms and asked questions about the data. 
LO- to measure volume in litres and millilitres.
We practised measuring water and reading scales today. 
Afterwards we used the water to water the plants!
Jubilee celebrations and portraits of the Queen.
Today we added labels to our pictograms.
LO-  to identify animals in their habitats
We looked for mini beasts today!
We were careful not to disturb these micro habitats.
It was so hot today that we went outside to draw where it was lovely and cool.
We went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park today to learn about animals and their habitats. It was such a hot day!
Sports Day!
It didn't rain!