Summer Term

English - Group work 
Tell me grid
The children took part in group work using their knowledge from the story. Great team work today!
Maths - Tens and Ones 
We love practical learning in 1G to help our understanding of new mathematical concepts!
World Book Day - 1G Superheroes!
Not all heroes where capes  - All of 1G are superheroes!
Maths -Counting in groups of 2s 5s 10s
Using lots of resources helps us embed our learning! We love maths!
Phonics - High frequency word paper plate game!
Phase 3,4 and 5
This is one of our favourite phonics games - noughts and crosses.
We practise our HFW whilst playing this game!
PE- Gymnastics - Roll
Science - Plants
We have been growing our broad beans over the last few weeks and cared for them. We have kept a bean diary and measured them weekly using a ruler accurately. 
Maths - Varied Fluency counting in 10s/2s/5s
Art - Observational drawing linked to our Science topic 'Plants'
We have loved using the watercolours to create observational drawings of plants and flowers.
Phonics - alternate 'i' sound
We worked in tables to read the words. We had to use our knowledge of the alternate 'i' sound to read the word accurately. 
Computing - Animation
Science Link 
We used our knowledge of plants to recreate the life cycle of a plant using purple mash. We demonstrated fantastic mouse skills too!
English - Freeze Frames 
We worked in groups to recreate the pictures from the story. We carefully thought about what each character would feel and say. We justified our thoughts linking them to the text.
Maths - Arrays - Varied Fluency 
This was a challenging concept so we used pictorial representations to help us understand. 
We also used a variety of resources to embed our knowledge. 
History - Castles 
This has been one of our favourite topics this year and we have loved every second learning about Castles in History!
We discussed the key features of Castles and labelled them on the carpet. We then drew our very own castles and used a ruler to label the features independently.
PE - Continuation of rolls
Reading - Smart Reading 
Reading Phones really gets us excited and engaged in our reading. It helps us hear our voices as we read and blend words together. We love to play roll and read too!
Reading - Retrieval  - Trap the answer with your fingers
The children followed the story of 'The Knight Who Took All Day' and confidently answered the retrieval questions by trapping the answer in the text!
Art  - Sketch and Watercolours
We sketched our own dragons in our art books and transferred our ideas onto big paper using water colours!
We even learnt about mixing water colours carefully too!
English - Sentence Structure
We practised matching the beginning of sentences and ends of sentences carefully.
Morning Writing 
Music with Mrs Carter
Penalty Shoot Out!
PE - Athletics with Mr Simmons
Castle Display
Maths - Sorting Objects by Grouping 
PE - Gymnastics - Sequence 
We have been learning to put a sequence together in PE. WE have combined balances, jumps and rolls to create a sequence.
 Display - "The Knight Who Took All Day"
English - A retell of the story
Art - Dragon sketching and water colours 
DT - Shields Design and make 
History - Cross Curricula Link
History - St George's Day
The children enjoyed creating their own comic strip to retell the story of St George!
RE/Art - Sikhism
We have been studying Sikhism in Year 1and we have really enjoyed learning about the Golden Temple in India. We took time to sketch the Golden Temple and then we carefully used water colours and our mixing skills to create a unique piece of work!
Reading Race - Retrieval
This was so much fun! We completed a retrieval race around the school grounds!
Maths - Sharing - Early Division
Children have been working hard on sharing different amounts in Maths. They have used their problem solving skills to work out whether a group of objects can be shared equally or not. They have also used their knowledge of 2s 5s and 10 timestable to support their learning.
Maths - Turns - Left and Right
We took our learning outdoors and enjoyed learning about turns. We carefully thought about our lefts and rights and what we could see on our left hand side and what we could see on our right hand side. 
Maths - Turns - Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise
Practical Learning - Maths
This was the best lesson today! We used cars to help us understand different turns. Our key vocabulary was full turn, half turn, quarter turn, 2 quarter turn, 3 quarter turn, anti-clockwise and clockwise.
We challenged our friends and asked them to do different turns.
 We have begun our Science topic all about Materials. We played a feely bag game and guessed what object it was according to their materials. We then grouped and classified our objects too!
Maths - Turns 
We have continued applying our knowledge of turns today. We used a turtle to physically rotate the turtle around. We then played the game on our tables and recorded it in our maths books! 
Some of us were challenged by answering a problem solving question too!
English - Character Work
We have worked hard on thinking about personality traits to describe Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor.
Science - Floating and Sinking
We had lots of fun today - we completed a science experiment about floating and sinking!
Science - Animals 
In Science we have begun a new topic all about animals. We have been categorising animals into different groups. Today we were thinking about where they live.
Sports Day!
Art - Peter Rabbit Watercolours
Learn to Rock Assembly
Maths - Coin Sorting
Science - Animal Classifying and Sorting
Science Week
Maths - Time
Computing - Chrome books
Blakehill Fun Day!
We are the amazing class 1G of 2020-2021 
Have a fantastic Summer - you are all superstars! 
Miss Gardner x