Summer Term

Summer 1
Home Reading Superstars 
Well done to our pupils who have completed another level on our home reading reward charts! Keep up the fabulous work at home with your reading - it’s amazing how much regular reading helps in all areas of school life. 
LO: Understand why characters behave in particular ways and are able to infer why things are done, using evidence from the text to support judgments based on this.
This week 6R have been exploring the an extract from "Running on Empty" by S.E Durrant. Today we have been thinking about the main character AJ. Using point, evidence, explain we inferred what AJ would buy with certain amounts of money. 6R came up with some great ideas and were able to fully justify these using their carefully chosen evidence from the text. 
Penalty Shoot Out 
Bradford City visited Blakehill for the Penalty Shoot out tday. Pupils enjoyed the chance of scoring goals agaisnt Billy Bantam! Thank you to all families and friends of Blakehill who sponsored our pupils for the event. 
Exploring new books in 6R
Today we enjoyed a postercard sample of newly published book by Claire Balding. Fall Off, Get Back On, Keep Going: 10 ways to be at the top of your game! is a guide to resilience and self-belief wirtten by Calire Balding  who has drawn from her own experiences of overcoming adversity and from those of famous and inspirational figures,
LO: Summarise the main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph, identifying key details that support the main ideas
After reading chapter 4 of Viking Boy we thought about the significant events in the chapter. After identifiying 5 significant events in the chapter we created freeze frames of the events and thought about how the different characters felt at these points. We will use our drama from today to help us create witness statements that can be used in a newspaper report about the Valkyries arriving. 
LO: Understand ratio and proportion 
This week we have been exploring ratio and proportion. We were able to take our knowledge and understanding of fractions to help us think about how to show ratio in the simplest form. We thought about ratio in everyday contexts such as recipies, people within groups and amounts of people in different groups. 
LO: refine, filter, sort and graph data for purpose in a database or spreadsheet. 
Using the information we have created in our tuck shop spreadsheet, we filtered the columns in order to leave us with informtion that could be used to create a pie chart which showed the most popular product in each of the classes. 
LO: Find percetages of amounts
Today we used bar models to help us find percentages of amounts. We thought about the different ways that certain percentages can be found and considered which of these are the most effective. We found that some preferred one method while others preferred a different, however we all reached the same answer. 
LO: Use a spreadhseet to create real life models of information to offer a solution to a real life problem 
Building on the work complete durin the spring term we have continued with our spreadsheet unit of work. On our tuck shop spread sheet we used formulas to multiply values in cells and add cells together. We created a sheet for each of the classes in Upper Keystage 2.
LO: develop the skill of making inferences about characters, justifying these using evidence from the text to support them. 
Today 6R have been thinking about the characters encountered so far in our class reader: Viking Boy. Using the first two chapters of the book, pupils made inferences about the character's feelings thoughts and personality and justified these, structuring their inferences using point, evidence and explain. We rotated the character profile sheets so that pupils could expand each other's ideas and think about all of the characters.  
Computing - Information Literacy 
LO: Understand how search engines work and rank results 
Folliwng on from the tragic news of Prince Philp's death, 6R have been carrying out their own reseacrh into his life. After thinking carefully about the key words they would need to use in their online searches, pupils thought about the reliability of the website results generated on search engines and carefully selected their sources of infomation in order to find the information required to create a tribute to Prince Philip. 
LO: Understand the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages  
Today Mrs Russell's maths group built on their knowledge of the relationship between fractions and precetages and investigated the equvialent decimals to these. Again, we used a number of different representations of the values and thought about them being "part of a whole." 
E-safety Visit from PC Luke Carson 
PC Luke Carson from the West Yorkshire Cyber Policing Team paid 6R a visit this week to re-enforce the importance of e-safety. He spoke to the pupils about  PEGI ratings for games and age of consent for the user agreements of Apps and social media platforms (inlcuding snapchat, tiktok and instagram). 
Luke discussed with the pupils stranger danger online and spoke about the dangers of grooming. 
LO: Understand the relationship between fractions and percentages  
Mrs Russell's maths group have been investigating the relationship between fractions and percentages today. We began by thinking about the fact that percent means part of 100 and then used this to help us find equivalent fractions by expressing the fractions with  demoninators as 100. We thought about the different ways in which we can represent these, incuding through the use of 100 squares, bar models and part whole models.