Summer Term

We have been learning about special books. We found out about the Bible and retold the story of 'The Good Samaritan'. We acted it out in small groups.
We have been learning about repeat commands in our computer science lessons. We had a go at using repeat commands on Scratch Jnr and then applying our understanding to make GIFS.
In our reading lessons we have been using dictionaries to find the meanings of words.
We have been looking at different non-chronological report styles and identifying the features of them. We used this to help us write our very own non-chronological reports all about pollution.
In athletics we have been working on our running, throwing and jumping. We have investigated by trying different techniques and finding which one works best for us. 
Penalty shoot out
We took part in a penalty shoot out with Bradford City against Billy Bantam. We scored lots of goals and had fun!
We have been using scratch during our computer science lessons. We can now make the sprite move, make noise, turn and repeat using repeat commands. 
After learning about special books we decided as a class to make our very own class book which would contain the best advice in the world. If anyone is ever having a bad day, they can look at the advice and hopefully it will cheer them up and help them with their problem.
Sports Day
We enjoyed our sports day. We worked well as a team and cheered on our houses. Our favourite was the chicken and egg waddle!
We celebrated 'One Britain One Nation' by wearing red, white and blue. We joined in with singing a song with the whole school and waved our flags.
We have been history detectives. We looked at a number of Ancient Egyptian artefacts and had a go at working out what they were, what they were made from, how they were used and who they might have belonged to.
In maths we have been learning about turns and angles. We gave instructions for our partners to follow using mathematical vocabulary.
We had a visitor from Bradford District Cyber Team at West Yorkshire Police. We learnt all about personal information and what is appropriate to share online. We also learnt how to make sure our passwords are secure. 
We tried to crack the hieroglyphic code! Mrs Johnston wrote some 'cheesy' jokes and we deciphered the code to work out the answers.
Fun Day
We loved our fun day. We went on the inflatable slide, the bouncy castle and ended up having an ice cream/ice lolly to cool down after. We carried on our fun day by watching a film in class and having some popcorn!