Summer term

12.04.2021 E-Safety
Luke Carson from West Yorkshire Police visited us today to talk about staying safe online. 
13.04.2021 English
We received our new spellings today! We played a spelling game - clear the board - to help us practice them. 
13.04.2021 Computing
We continued our data handling unit today, exploring formulas that we could use to add, subtract, multiply and divide. We also recapped our learning from the last session, focusing on formatting different cells. 
13.04.2021 Science
6S conducted an investigation exploring how to make a buzzer louder, a motor faster and whether they could add a switch to a circuit. The children then wrote up their experiment. 
14.04.2021 English
Today, we explored different sections from the first chapter of our new book 'Viking Boy'. We discussed the language the author used and used our inference skills to find out more about the characters.
15.04.2021 History
This week, we have been learning all about HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, ahead of his funeral on Saturday. We watched a documentary, created notes and read two different texts, answering questions. We then created a 'WOW' page to show case our learning. 
19.04.2021 Science
As we approach the end of our Science unit, we took part in an 'Escape Room' project all about electricity. We had to solve 10 clues so that we could escape the wind tower! 
20.04.2021 English
We decided to take our English lesson outside! We created our own 'role on the wall' characters using chalk and then used evidence from the text to jot down what we were told and what we could infer. 
20.04.2021 - PE
In today's PE lesson, we completed an outdoor orienteering exercise with the school's sports coach, Mr. Simmons. 
29.04.2021 - Mathematics
In Mr. Sidebottom's Maths group today, we completed an nRICH problem solving activity exploring fraction, percentage and decimal equivalents. 
29.04.2021 - Bradford City Football Club Penalty Shootout
It was our annual Bradford City Football Club penalty shootout today. 
30.04.2021 - Music
It was Music with Mrs. Keighley this week, exploring pulse and rhythm and even practicing using the recorders.
04.05.2021 - English
6S had a go at hot seating this morning, asking questions to characters about a dramatic moment in our class reader 'Viking Boy'.
05.05.2021 - Spanish
During this week's Spanish lesson, we learnt how to say more items we could order for breakfast as part of our 'Cafe' unit. 
19.05.2021 - History
As part of our Viking history topic, we researched different Viking shields and then began making our own ready for our Viking battle!
19.05.2021 - Class assembly
Here is a link to our class assembly which is all about microorganisms. We hope you enjoy it!
07.06.2021 - English
Today in English, 6S looked at a Viking poem called Danegald. The pupils explored the poem and analyzed how it worked and how it was structured, focusing in particular on its historical meaning. In the next lesson, we acted out different sections with our partners / groups.
08.06.2021 - Mathematics
Year 6 continued their unit looking at algebra. Today, they explored equations and how to solve them. 
09.06.2021 - Art
Year 6 started their transition unit this week, exploring the book 'Boy 87'. In Art, Year 6 have researched different artists who use the sea as their focus. 
11.06.2021 - English
As part of our Boy 87 topic, the children today took part in a conscience alley activity, exploring how Shif and Shif's mum would react to a set of circumstances. 
15.06.2021 - Sports Day
It's that time of the year again - Sports Day! Year 6 really impressed me and Mrs. Bedell with their excellent team work, supporting one another. Well done Year 6!
18.06.2021 - Food Technology
It was food tasting day in 6S today. The children tasted different types of scones , ready to start baking next week!
21.06.2021 - History
This afternoon, 6S brought their History topic to life. After making shields and spears, the children took part in their own Viking reenactment. Here is their amazing work. 
22.06.2021 - Music
Rock Steady were in school today talking to 6S all about different musical instruments and how they can get involved!
23.06.2021 - PE workshop
6S were very lucky today to have an extra PE lesson, arranged by Sports UK. The children took part in archery and hockey activities. 
28.06.2021 - Art
The children who did not attend Robinwood had a fun time creating different graffiti 'tags' with Mrs. Marsden. 
02.07.2021 - Food Technology
Today 6S made cheese scones! The children used traditional measuring scales to weigh out the different ingredients, all under the careful instruction of Mrs. Marsden.