Summer Term

In ICT we have been designing our own recipe document that links to our Science topic of Rocks.
We have added and edited our text by using the underline, bold, font and size functions. We also added an image from Google that we copied and pasted into our document.
In English, we have been enjoying our new class text on waste and pollution. The children enjoyed learning about different types of pollution and looking up the meaning of words.
We are learning how to field and strike in PE this term. We stretched our muscles and completed our daily mile then took part in team games.
We have been looking at special books in RE. We started our topic by looking at different Bible's and reading the story of the Good Samaritan.
As part of our indoor PE sessions, we have been learning skills to help us play Tennis.
We have been discussing and debating important issues that affect our environment such as, should we cut down trees? Do we need more cars on our roads?
We have been recapping what we have learnt so far this year in Spanish. We found different coloured items around the classroom and named and identified the colours in Spanish.
The subject we are covering this term in our curriculum carousel lessons is Music. We have been listening and singing along to Bob Marley's Jammin and Three Little Birds.
We are learning about length in Maths. Today we found out there are 100cm in one metre. We classified items based on their size by searching for items in our classroom that were longer and shorter than one metre.
We put together an information text by reading it carefully and deciding where the text started and ended. We then gave the text a heading and subheadings.
In PE we focused on positioning ourselves and using our knees and arms to help us jump. 
Each afternoon 3J solve maths questions as part of their daily arithmetic practise. Here is what they said about this:
''I enjoy solving the questions and it helps me practise my times tables.'' - Emma.
''I like calculating.'' - Riley
''I use my fingers to help me work out the question.'' - Aman
''Some questions are challenging and at the end we get to find out the answers and know if we are right.'' - Jude
We have been practising a push throw, also know as an overarm throw.
3J loved scoring goals against Billy Bantam today for the Bradford City penalty shootout.
As part of our Curriculum Carousel, we have been playing the Glockenspiel alongside the Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.
We have been looking at the meaning of words in a text. Using a dictionary, we have been finding the meaning of words to help us use adventurous vocabulary in our work.
We have been creating art influenced by Roy Lichtenstein.
We inferred about a characters thoughts and used drama techniques to act theses feelings and thoughts out. We then wrote our conversations into our books and added speech marks and punctuation.
Summer 2
In ICT we have been looking at ways of gathering information and how we can represent this. We tried a way we thought would work but quickly realised this was not an accurate way of gathering information so we started the process again until we got it right!
We have been investigating 'Can larger hands pick up more beads'.
We compared hand sizes and investigated by picking up different sized cubes and counting how many we could hold.
We took part in Sports Day on one of the hottest days this month! Although it was sunny, we had a great day and enjoyed an ice lolly to cool down at the end!