Summer Term

This term in maths we are learning about the properties of different 2D and 3D shapes, to get us started today we went on a shape hunt around the sunny field! 
We love sharing stories in 2S.
In PE this term we are looking at games with batters and fielders, today we practised working as a team to make our fielding quick and efficient! 
This week in English we have practised using bossy verbs and time words to write instructions. Today we followed the instructions to make our very own... bird feeders! 
We have continued our work on shapes by counting faces and vertices on 3D shapes. Drawing smiley faces on the faces really helped us with counting! 
This week we have been learning all about ocean habitats! We made spider diagrams full of facts we found from our research on the iPads. We created an ocean picture by tearing tissue paper and drawing our own deep sea animals! 
In music we have been learning the friendship song, today we took our rendition to the next level as we included percussion instruments, glockenspiels and recorders! 
The birds loved Ruby's bird feeder!
We made bug hotels today! Some mini beasts have started to move in already.
Today we went on a mini-beast hunt around the school field! We worked together to take pictures of the bugs we spotted and kept a tally chart to see which was the most common!
This week in maths we are learning about length and height. Today we compared items around the classroom and then we practised ordering our friends! We used words like taller, shorter, longer, smaller and the same.
We used different types of lines in art to draw leaves and flowers just like the front cover of the book Leaf! 
Sports Day 2021!!
Rocksteady came into school today. It was great to hear live music again!