Summer Term

Summer Term 
In our last term in Year 3, we are busy with lost of new learning and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. Have a look and see what we are getting up to:
English: Into the Forest
We have been exploring an Anthony Browne book called Into the Forest. We have really enjoyed using musical instruments and drama to explore and understand this innovated fairytale. We thought carefully about how the main character felt using drama to create conscience alleys, hot seat and role play. We used the iPads to use ambitious vocabulary to retell the story. 
RE: Judaism
Having learnt about Judaism in Autumn Term and then exploring Special Places in Christianity during Spring Term, we needed a recap of Key Jewish words. We worked in teams to match key vocabulary, pictures and definitions to recap and learn key words such as rabbi, tallit and synagogue. We learnt about key Jewish celebrations such as Passover, Hanukkah and The Shabbat. 
Maths: Representing part numbers as fractions and tenths
We learnt how to use fractions to represent a part of a whole. We learnt key vocabulary such as numerator and denominator and used our knowledge of this to find fractions of shapes, compare and order fractions. We used our understanding of the fraction 1/10 to understand that we can also use decimal numbers to represent a part number. We worked practically using art straws as a whole and splitting them into tenths in order to develop our ability to use the correct terms (split into 10 or 4 out of 10 pieces) when describing a problem. 
PE: Cricket
This half term we have been very lucky to have Steve from Bolton Villas, our local cricket club, to coach us. He has been teaching us how to use both arms to throw in order to aim and develop power. He has also taught us how to use our hands, feet and body to catch well. 
Art: Journeys 
As part of our curriculum carousel this half term, we have been doing art with Miss Phillips exploring journeys. 
RE: Judaism  Computing: Information Literacy and Media 
We combined our computing and RE learning in order to learn how to use hyperlinks to navigate a search engine. We used key words on Jewish symbols and hyperlinks to find images and information about what they were and why they were important. We then used our media skills to combine text and pictures to present what we had learnt. We loved this iPad work and the chance to independently pursue our own learning. 
English : Into the Forest Vocabulary learning    Computing: Media
Have a look at our videos of Into the Forest that we have created by sequencing the pictures in iMovie then adding a voice recording to use ambitious feelings vocabulary
PSHE: School Linking 
As part of our school Linking project celebrating that we are the same but different, we went to Westbourne Primary to work with our friends who we met at Nell Bank in Spring. 
History:Stone Age
As part of our Stone Age topic, we begcame hunter gatherers trying to find different food types! We learnt that we couldn’t eat everything we found because it was poisonous. We realised that if we worked as a team, we found more food! 
History: Stone Age    Computing: Media
We used book creator to create our own ebook about Skara Brae to explain all about what it was. Have a look at what we have been doing! 
MFL: French
In french we sang a song to practise different greetings. Have a look!