Summer Term

Prom night 
Monday 15th saw our Year 6 pupils celebrating the end of the year together at their leavers prom. It was a night filled with glitz, glam, dancing and lots of smiles! 
As part of the prom we crowned a prom king and queen from each class - these were voted for by their peers and were class mates who were thought of as outstanding examples of role models to the rest of the year group. 
Maya Society
Today we have explored the different roles held by members within Maya society. We matched the descriptions of the roles to the members of society we thought they belonged to and then considered their societal order. 
We were able to use our previous historical knowledge gained through our viking unit to help us think about the position in society different roles would have. 
Father's Day Cards
6R have enjoyed making Father's day cards this morning ahead of Father's day on Sunday. We hope all of the super 6R Dads love them! 
End of Year Production 
Our rehearsals for our end of year production are now well underway. All children have been working hard to learn their lines and Miss Dodson has been working with the whole year group during their PE sessions to choreograph the whole cast dances. With only a couple of weeks left until curtain up its full steam ahead now so that we are able to put on the best possible production for Blakehill pupils and our parents. 
Year 5 & 6 Sports Day 
On Thursday 6th June Year 5 and 6 held their sports day. Miss Dobson organised the afternoon perfectly, with six different events for all children to compete in. The events included: Sack race, egg and spoon race, Javelin throwing, hurdles race, cone dash and the water obstacle race. Children competed in their house teams with the following results: 
1st - Javelin
2nd - Jupiter 
3rd - Kingfisher 
4th - Kestrel 
Throughout the event we saw some fantastic sportsman ship across the classes and there was a real "buzz" on the field. The rain even managed to hold off for us! 
Our Bodies 
This week we started our new science topic: our bodies.
To find out what 6R already knew about the human anatomy and the systems in our body children worked in groups to produce a labelled diagram of the human body. During the activity there were some very mature discussions about the medical terms of the different body parts and the groups came up with some "interesting" diagrams.
We are looking forward to seeing how 6R build on their previous knowledge - you never know there may be some future surgeons in our class!  
Post SATs Treat
Many thanks to Mrs Matthews for the delicious buns she baked for all of the pupils in year 6 as an end of SATs treat. They gave everyone the sugar boost they needed after a week of extremely hard work and were very much enjoyed by every single pupil. 

Self-Portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo

In Year 6 our focus artist is Frida Kahlo – carrying on from the work we carried out last half term about Frida, we have taken Frida’s style of self-portraits and produced our own self-portrait. We included images and symbols that are related to something about us just as Frida’s portraits had images that represented her.

Viking Oil Lamps

During our visit to Danelaw we made some little pots out of clay that Vikings would have used as oil lamps.

When making the pots we worked the clay into a cylindrical shape then flattened the top and bottom.  Once we were happy with our shape we manipulated the bottom to create wider base for the pot then used our thumbs to create the bowl shape at the top.

Once we were happy with the shapes of our pots, we used tools to decorate them with Viking runes or patterns.

On our return to school, we left our clay pots to harden and dry out so that we would paint them. We used a pallet of primary colours, white, brown and black but did think about how the Vikings would not have used these, but natural ingredients as their paints.

SATs Sports Afternoon

On Thursday 16th May we all breathed a sigh of relief when we completed our final SATs paper! To help us unwind, we had an afternoon filled with rounders and football – this burned off any of the excess energy or worries we had and we were able to enjoy ourselves together.

Mrs Russell and Mrs Feather are so proud of the efforts ALL of the children made in the run up to SATs and throughout the week of their SATs tests and we are sure each and every child will succeed after the focus and attitude they applied to all do the papers.

Final SATs preparations

To prepare us for the week ahead and get us into the right frame of mind for preparing for our SATs Mrs Russell prepared a quiz afternoon.

Working in quiz teams of 6, with fuel to keep us going (crisps and juice!) we battled it out against each other, while revising the key topics in maths and SPAG!

With a logo round and an animated movie round thrown in, we had really enjoyable afternoon revising!


We were given a small snapshot of how tired and gruelling the farming could be for the Viking settlers. 
Our warrior training at Danelaw showed us how Viking warriors were commanded and the formations they used. 
While at Danelaw we learnt about the five main roles of a Viking: 
Danelaw Viking Village
On Tuesday 30th April Year 6 travelled to York to Danelaw: a Viking village. Here they were able to pull together all of their learning from their Viking topic and extend it in a "real life" situation. 
At Danelaw all of the children spent a day as a Viking - carrying out daily tasks, chores and duties as a viking man, woman or child would. This included making flour and bread in the longhouse, collecting the firewood to feed in the fire in the longhouse, working in the workshop with clay to make everyday pottery items, working in the fields to prepare the land and crops and training to be a guard and warrior. 
While at Danelaw children learnt some viking words and greetings, including 'goodarg' (hello), 'stegard' (step forward), 'anrad' (charge), 'Jarl' (lord), 'hardar' (goodbye) and 'targ' (thank you).