Summer Term

This week we have been finding out how to measure length and height. We have enjoyed measuring in mm, cm and m. We had lots of fun estimating longer lengths around school and then working as a team to measure accurately in metres. 
As part of our work on the brilliant 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers we produced this fabulous artwork, recreating the front cover of the book. First we used a wash for the sea and sky, then we added the detail using watercolours. We are really proud of our finished work! 
In E-Safety today we have been using the search engine 'Swiggle' to find information safely on the internet. We chose an animal to research and then used keyword searching to find out as many facts as we could!
We had great fun on our Minibeast Safari! We investigated which animals could be found on our school field as part of our science work on Habitats. 
We have loved our work on 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We planned and wrote our own versions of the story and recreated the front cover of the book using a wash and watercolour paints. We are really proud of this fabulous display!
We had great fun today in the sunshine, practising the water obstacle race for Sport's Day.
Luckily the rain held off and we had a fantastic Sport's Day on the field. We took part in lots of different events organised by Miss Dobson and cheered on our houses. Well done to Kingfisher who won! 
We used the Beebots and Beebot app on the ipad as part of our work on Position and Direction in maths and Algorithms in ICT. We planned a set of commands to direct the Beebot and followed those our friends had written. We then found and corrected mistakes in algorithms. 
We had a brilliant morning at the mosque, finding out all about the Islam Faith. Fatima our guide showed us round and our parents, grandparents and friends joined us. We had to cover our heads and take off our shoes to show respect. We left the mosque feeling 'peaceful,' 'calm' and 'safe.' 
We have been finding out about the life and work of the artist Claude Monet. We wrote facts in sentences about what we have learnt. Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge is one of his most famous works. We created our own version of the painting, using Impressionist techniques, but combining paint, pastels and collage. 
We had a great time at the Planetarium in the hall this morning, finding out all about the stars and planets. What a great start to our Science Week!
Day 2 of Science Day and we have been making our own rocket mice and launching them using empty milk cartons. We investigated what made our rockets fly, why they came back down and what we could do to make them travel higher or more slowly. We had great fun!
As part of our work on The Moon and Space in Science Week, we created these fabulous paintings of the moon in the night sky. We painted the background in nigh-time colours and then added the trees as silhouettes. 
We've had lots of fun today with shadow puppets as part of our work on the moon. We designed, made and then evaluated our own puppets, all of which had a space theme. 
Fabulous Homework Projects from 2P, linked to our science work on Animal Habitats!
In music we have been listening carefully to Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev. We drew our own representations of the characters and then made up our own music to represent each character, using a range of musical instruments.