Summer 2 Home Learning w/c: 6 July 2020

Hello everybody - I hope you have had a fabulous weekend with your families and have been out in the fresh air! 
On Sunday I went for a walk with my family to Saltaire. We were walking up Victoria Road when all of a sudden I realised I could see Miss Gardner! She was also enjoying some time out in the sunshine (although it was very windy!) with her lovely family and her gorgeous dog Baloo. We had a little chat before we went our separate ways. 
What have you been up to? Send me a message on e-schools if you've been doing anything exciting this weekend.
Two more weeks to go then you have 6 weeks off! One last push - you can do it!
I know some of you have been busy writing your letters for your new teacher, Mrs Fairchild. Please send them into school to me and I will be sure to pass them on to her. I am able to email them to her and she will be so happy to read them. She is really looking forward to meeting you all!
Mrs Wardell xx
I was reading this book to Frank at bedtime a few nights ago and thought it was a lovely book to study. As I was reading it to him I had lots of teaching ideas buzzing around in my head. So I thought we would look at this book this week. :) Enjoy the youtube link and I hope you like it.
Task 1
  • What do you think the story is about?
  • What can you see on the front cover?
  • Who is the main character?
  • What do you think is going to happen in the story?
  • Where do you think the story is set? What made you think it is set in ________?
Make a prediction about the book thinking about the questions above.
Task 2 -  Comprehension
Role on the wall
Create an outline of the girl in the story. 
If you struggle you could ask a grown up to do this for your or you could draw an outline of a ginger bread man. Make sure it is quite large on the page as you are going to write in and around it.
On the outside of your character you are going to write:
What you know about the character - for example.
  • Her name is Tofta.
  • She has blonde hair.
  • She has a baby.
  • She has a mum
  • She goes on an adventure
On the inside of your character you can going to think about her emotions.
How did she feel throughout the story? Why did she feel that emotion.
Use the joining word because  to explain your thoughts.
For example: Tofta felt angry because she had to share a room with her baby brother/sister.
Try and think of 5 or 6 different emotions and explain why may have felt that emotion.
Task 3 - SPaG lesson
 I would like you to think about :
  • Nouns 
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
I know we covered this earlier in lockdown; however it is important we practise and refine our skills whilst studying different stories.
What is a noun?
What is an adjective?
What is a verb?
Make sure you know the difference.
A noun is a name,place or object e.g Tofta/Penguin/baby
An Adjective describes the noun. It tells us MORE information about what it looks like.
E.g fluffy rabbit
A verb tells us how something moves. I used to remember it as a 'doing word' when I was little.
Look through several pages of the book or listen again to the story on youtube. You could pause it to look at the page and can you make a list of nouns,adjectives, and verbs. 
What can you find the most of?
You must consent to the use of advertising cookies to allow this YouTube video to show.
You must consent to the use of advertising cookies to allow this YouTube video to show.
Task 4
Stop the video at 1.05
At this point in the story Tofta is packing her suitcase for her trip. She could only take a few things. 
Can you name the 4 things she took with her? Make a list.
Now - What I'd like you to do is to pretend you are Tofta. What would you take in your suitcase?
  • You can only take 4 things.
  • Draw a picture of yourself in the middle of the page or stick a photograph or yourself in the middle of your page.
  • Draw, colour and label your picture.
  • Then underneath tell me what you would take and why? Write in full sentences explaining what you would take with you and why.
Think carefully about what you would take! 
Task 5
Have a go at retelling the story. 
You may want to rewatch the video or if you have the story at home read it again.
Make yourself familiar with the story before you retell it.
Think carefully about:
Full stops
Capital letters
Finger Spaces
This week on White Rose the focus is on finding halves and quarters however if you feel confident in this aspect of maths they have also included an alternative topic involving position and direction. The work pack available for you to collect from school this week has all worksheets included and I have added both links below.
Learning clips are available on the WRMH Home Learning Page. 
You must consent to the use of advertising cookies to allow this YouTube video to show.
You must consent to the use of advertising cookies to allow this YouTube video to show.
A little bit of colouring in whilst making your brain think!
Use resources to support you if you need to. :)
Phonics - Home learning challenge Phase 5 recap
Phonics Screening 
Below is a link of a PowerPoint linking to phonics. It is very similar to the phonics screening test where there are many real words and made up words to read.
Can you blend each word together accurately using your phonics to help you?