Summer 2 Home Learning w/c: 1 June 2020

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all continuing to stay safe and keep well? I cannot believe what wonderful weather we are having at the moment. The sun is helping me to keep positive and happy during this very strange time. I hope you are managing to get outside and enjoy it too!
Please remember to keep me posted on the work you are doing at home, either by emailing to the school email or through eschools. I really enjoy seeing your work, art and anything else you have been up to.
This week in English I would like you to use the book Tiddler by Julia Donaldson. Don't worry if you haven't got this book at home as it is available on youtube to watch. I have added a link to the story below. 
Once you have read, watched or listened to the story please focus on the activities below. There is a task set for each day for you to complete.
When writing please remember the key features:
  • Start a sentence with a capital letter
  • Remember finger spaces
  • Sit letters on the line
  • Finish a sentence with a full stop
  • Try and extend a sentence with the joining word 'and', 'but' or 'because'
  • Use an adjective to describe a noun
Don't forget to send me photos of your work! 
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Due to White Rose Maths Hub now working in partnership with BBC Bitesize there has been a slight crossover with lessons. For this week we have already focused on 'mass' earlier in the lockdown so they have provided an alternative plan. This week you will be focusing on shape:
  • Monday - Sort 3D shapes
  • Tuesday - Recognise and name 2D shapes
  • Wednesday - Sort 3D shapes
  • Thursday - Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes
  • Friday - Maths Challenge Day - Check the White Rose Maths Hub for details 
There are learning clip videos for each lesson (Monday to Thursday) provided and I have included the links below. (Photo below shows you what the sheet looks like but please use the pdf link as you can then click and you will be taken to the appropriate page). 
Daily Lesson Worksheets
Nature During Lockdown
Over half term I set you the challenge of finding something amazing in nature. This could be a plant, animal or a landscape. I asked you to send me a photo of your discovery. Please continue to send them in and I will add them to this page.
Here are the pictures: