Summer 2 Home Learning w/c: 13 July 2020

Hello 1W!
I can not quite believe we are at the end of our school year this week?! It has been a very strange time over the last few months for all of us but somehow we have all managed to keep ourselves going.
When most of you were at home, in the early days of the lockdown, and your parents were helping you with your school work it was so lovely to see your fantastic photos where you were showing me what you had been up to. They really did cheer me up and kept me going! So I would like to say a huge thank you for all you have continued to do in your own homes during these difficult times. I think you should give your parents a big hug and thank them too as it has been a challenge for them whilst many of them have been trying to work from home too.
So  now we have come to our last week together in Year 1. If you are in school this week we will make sure that you have some fun in your 'bubbles' and I will come to see you when you are playing outside. If you are at home please continue to focus on your learning this week and also enjoy the better weather!
In preparation for Year 2 it would be fantastic if you could continue to:
  • practise learning your 2x, 5x and 10x tables. So many of you are now really confident with your 10x but you should now practise having the rapid recall of your 2x and 5x tables too. Don't forget about the division facts as well! e.g. 'What is 8 x 2? 16 What is 16 divided by 2? 8
  • Keep reading lots!
  • Sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge (See the video clip below for more details -
Finally, I just want to say thank you to your parents for their continued support over the last year. Please continue to stay safe, keep well and look after one another. I look forward to seeing you all in September as you begin Year 2 and I know Mrs Fairchild is really excited to work with you all!
Take care,
Mrs Wardell xx
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This week on White Rose the focus is all about 'Time'. Your daily lesson focus looks like this:
Monday - Telling time to the hour
Tuesday - Telling time to the half hour
Wednesday - Writing time
Thursday - Comparing time
Friday - Maths Challenge Day!
Learning clips are available on the WRMH Home Learning Page and work packs are available at the school office.
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BBC Bitesize also provides further support for lessons and adds a link each day. Here is the link for Monday:
Take a look at to support your phonics work. There are some free games to access and one I think you would really enjoy is called 'Yes/No Yeti' in the Phase 5 resources. Can you help the penguins escape? Read the Yeti’s question and choose either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to run across the bridge to safety.
Griaffe's Can't Dance
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There are lots of discussion points in this story. Take 15 minutes to just sit and chat with your grown up about the story. I love a story with an important moral behind it. :)
  • The animals think that Gerald can't dance. Sometimes people say 'there is no such word as can't'. What does this mean?

  • How might Gerald feel when the other animals are laughing and waiting for him to dance? How should they behave instead?

  • Discuss what the difference is between laughing at someone and laughing with someone.
Task 1:
I love this book - and I think love it because there are lots of rhyming words!
Watch the link or dig out the story from your bookshelf and see if you can spot all the rhyming words. Who can spot the most?
Task 2:
The first page includes a number of words used to describe a giraffe. Can you think of any more?
Can you write your own description of Gerald the Giraffe? 
You could include:
  • What he looks like
  • Where he lives 
  • What his personality is like
You could do a role on the wall first to jot down your ideas :)
Task 3: (Play the video from 3 minutes and 40 seconds)
When the cricket plays his violin, Gerald starts 'shuffling', 'swaying' and 'swishing'.
Can you think of other words that might describe how he moves?
Think about the other animals in the story. Can you think about how they might move? What verbs could you use?
Task 4
This is your final piece of writing in Year 1!
I would LOVE it if you could all have a go at this and send it in to me on eschools or at the office. 
It would help Mrs Fairchild see what brilliant writers you are!
Retell the story and think about everything you have learnt in Year 1! Show off what you can do - I look forward to reading them.
Reading Comprehension - Giraffe's Can't Dance